What are my Chances?

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Ben W in London, United Kingdom

77 months ago

First off lets set the scene, I'm a 20 yr old Apprentice welder from England. I Work on Agricultural vehicles in a workshop (roughly 30ft long with a hydraulic lifting deck), welding/fabricating all areas of the vehicle from the box to the chassis. By the end of my apprenticeship i will be competent in MIG and TIG welding (with a NVQ Level 2 Qualification), using tools standard to fabrication such as Grinders, Disk cutters, guiltiness, presses, ban saws etc etc.i Will have a good understanding of hydraulic systems and electrical as well as the ability to read/create drawings. When qualified i will be earning around £10 per hour.

Basically i was wondering With these skills and experience what kind of jobs will be available to me? I'm really looking to be earning around £40k+ per year. From my understanding the best ways of doing this is gaining a job as a offshore welder or pipeline welder? would any of these jobs be a possibility for me? if so what are the best ways to go about this, if not then are there any other lucrative welding jobs i may be able to consider?

Also in terms of location it appears there are far more welding opportunities in the USA. Would i be able to find a job in the USA while living in England or would i have to move out there first then start looking? Do i even have the right to work in the USA as a British national? lol

Thanks for Reading

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