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jungleboy in Lima, Ohio

Updated 90 months ago

What do you enjoy most about your pipefitter career? - 8 Replies

What do you enjoy most about being a pipefitter? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to learn and...

Larry A Robinson in Missoula, Montana

Updated 90 months ago

industrial to construction pipefitting - 2 Replies

Can anyone out there advise me on how to move from a shop maintenace job into the construction sector. I'm in Michigan and it's all but dead.

Gazgriff1989 in Sheffield, United Kingdom

Updated 91 months ago

Cross the pond? - 2 Replies

Ive been out of work for almost 4months. I have over 2years experience as a Pipe Fitter. The economy over here in england doesnt seem to be picking...

Tyrrell Antwine in Beaumont, Texas

Updated 92 months ago

Journeyman pipefitter school - 1 Reply

I'm looking for a school in Louisiana to become a journeyman pipefitter. Do you know of any. Please let me know something. thank you, Charles

courtwill in Mobile, Alabama

Updated 93 months ago

combo pipe welding jobs - 1 Reply

im will jarrett been pipe welding for ten years. times are tough for welders with a family to support right now, cause i have wife,a three year old...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 94 months ago

pipefitter - 1 Reply

hi im looking for a job as pipefitter,first year

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 94 months ago

Looking for work in colorado or california - 1 Reply

25 years+ experienced pipefittrer looking for work, Layed off @ comache 3 power station 4 months ago, would like to work local to where I live but...

Jesse Aaron Scott

Updated 95 months ago

work on the gulf coast pipe hands - 1 Reply

IntelligenceCareers.com HotJobs - Pascagoula, MS Security Clearance: May be required. Type not specified. Description: BASIC QUALIFICATIONS:...

brits hate yanks in United Kingdom

big heads

round or square eh

mike in San Diego, California

Updated 95 months ago

jobs in san diego - pipefitters - 1 Reply

openings for experienced pipefitters - greene2002@yahoo.com

xavier george in Alappuzha, India

looking for pipe fitting work anywhere

i have been fitting pipe about 12 years in Tunisia,[petrofac]Abudhabi,kazakhisthan[Bechtel]sudan[ranhil petroneed jv] oman[B.E.C]Qatar[Hyundai and...

a in East Saint Louis, Illinois

Updated 96 months ago

looking for work - 1 Reply

was laid off at comache 3 power station 2 months ago its a little slim out there right now. If anyone knows of a job site that is hiring pipefitters...

lawrence gallien in Moncton, New Brunswick

Updated 96 months ago

Any Pipe Fitting or Helpers Needed? - 1 Reply

I have been laid off for 6months and looking for pipe fitting and or helper positions... Is there any out there, in Washington or Oregon

Henry T in Laguna Beach, California

Updated 96 months ago

looking for pipefitting job in san diego or los angles - 2 Replies

i have 14 years experience give me call at 504 722 2622 iam located in san diego

James Halliday in Saint John's, Newfoundland


If anyone can help me on starting my apprenticship as a pipefitter. looking for work since christmas> thanks, James Halliday jameshalliday3@hotma...

charles sapp in Houston, Texas

Jobs in Texas

Does anyone know where the fabrication/pipefitter jobs are in the houston area? viper77520@yahoo.com

Raymond in Midland, Texas

Looking for work

I have been reading some of these comments and notice that it would be easier for me to leave a e-mail address it case anyone wants to leave a...

ron middleton in Edmonton, Alberta

Updated 99 months ago

pipefitting - 3 Replies

I have been fitting pipe for about 18 years. I attended delmar college for pipefitting and lee college for drafting.while there is work here in...

ron middleton in Edmonton, Alberta

Updated 99 months ago

seasoned pipefitter - 2 Replies

i am a seasoned pipefitter/fabricator,i also have done pipe supports and structures,iam hoping for work in the pasadena,baytown tx area,but will...

over here in Laurel, Maryland

Drug test 4 new job & I'm bring my Doctor's Prescription Medicine & They don't care

Since the being of 2008, i been on a Doctor prescription for Adderall XR, which is AMPHETAMINES (SPEED) for ADULT ADHD, which show up dirty,, also...

Union Pipewelder in Columbus, Ohio

Updated 99 months ago

Pipefitter Jobs, Who has 'em? Who needs 'em? - 1 Reply

Okay, I want to know, how many pipefitters out there are out of work, and how many companies have openings. Let's get people off the couch and back...

tdiliplane in Hatboro, Pennsylvania

Apprenticeship test

ive been working in the masonry field for the last 7 years and recently i wanted to get into a better paying field thats less tolling on the body. i...

tdiliplane in Hatboro, Pennsylvania

how hard is it to get into the pipefitters?

i just left my previous employer and im looking into getting into welding. i just put a application in at the union hall and im waiting to hear back....

ken in New Braunfels, Texas

Updated 101 months ago

preparing flanges - 4 Replies

i was given a job at work today that requires me to 2-hole a flange that has a 45 degree elbow.any tips or easy ways?any help please

Charles Jarrett in Moncton, New Brunswick

Apprentice pipefitter

I am looking for a company to start an apprenticeship with in Alberta, if anyone has any information please e-mail me at charlesjarrett@yahoo.com...

sarath in Madras, India

Updated 102 months ago

jobs - 8 Replies

could anyone give me information on shut downs? when and where they are happening...

Madhuraju in Sunnyvale, California

Updated 102 months ago

Apprentice pipefitter - 1 Reply

I am looking to get into the trade and was wondering if anyone knows of any companies hireing in Canada.

gus in Rock Springs, Wyoming

Updated 102 months ago

Pipefitter's job? Wyoming - 1 Reply

Pipefitter/Boilermaker lookn for work in the wyoming area, use to working average 65hours a week, Just completged the Sinclair plant with Turner Ind:...

Indeed Help in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 104 months ago

pipefitter travels any where needed - 1 Reply

pipefitter needing work

turnnburn in Irmo, South Carolina

welding work in sc

Lookin for STABLE employment as a welder in Cola, SC area willin to travel some.. I am certified TIG stainless, and carbon..I can tig a root or 6010...

namabhai c. patel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Updated 105 months ago

pipe fitter job - 2 Replies

Im a pipe fitter/pipe welder currently working in the mines in australia,im just wondering is there much work for pipe fitters in canada or the...

fritzfaust in Stevensville, Michigan


What are construction employers looking for. What is the fuss over NCCER? I completed a 4 year federal apprenticeship w/ 10,000+ OJT hours, 8 years...

Jonathan in Greenwood, Indiana

Updated 107 months ago

tips on interview - 1 Reply

what are usual question on inerview

Jonathan in Greenwood, Indiana

Updated 107 months ago

Getting a pipefitter job. - 2 Replies

How did you get your start doing pipefitter work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a particular...

edgar o paghubasan in Luanda, Angola

Updated 108 months ago

pipefitter - 1 Reply

need work in austin texas

Richard Hayes in Mobile, Alabama

Updated 108 months ago

jouryman pipefitter - 2 Replies

looking for job in the port authur tx. area.

robert rebold in Austin, Texas

Updated 109 months ago

pipefitter - 3 Replies

need work in austin texas

bouti mohammed lakhdar in Algeria

job pipefitter

whate is pipefitte

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Pipefitters and Pipe Welders (TIG) Needed ASAP (Alabama)

We are build a vehicle and passenger ferry. We are in desperate need of 1st class pipefitters and 1st class tig welders.

hamadah in Amman, Jordan

Updated 109 months ago

Job - 1 Reply

A website on the Book of Job

Ed Shinn in West Des Moines, Iowa

Looking for pipefitting work in Iowa

I have fifteen years of expieriance in pipefitting and welding. Please call me at 515-564-9597.

carlo j. yaneza in Korea, Republic of

im journeyman pipefitter looking for a job.....

i wold like to develop my knowledge in piping works

donnie in Saint George, Utah

Updated 111 months ago

where can i find a job in the underground utilties as a pipelayer of 13+ years! - 1 Reply

I'm well worth it and looking for as much work as law will allow!

john robichaux in Thibodaux, Louisiana

Updated 111 months ago

What are the best pipefitter qualifications and training to get ahead? - 3 Replies

What is the best training for becoming a pipefitter? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective...

wayne sweet in Houston, Texas

Updated 114 months ago

pipefitting - 1 Reply

looking for work in louisiana

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