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Bailey005 in Biddeford, Maine

97 months ago

I have been in dispatch for a month and sill get overwhelmed when handling more than 2 on radio and the phone. I take everything too seriously and am having trouble feeling confident and being effective. I believe I could get better with more training and time, but I am being pushed to hard. Am I just not cut out for it, or should I give myself more time.

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linz in Edmond, Oklahoma

73 months ago

I am having the exact same feelings as you do, bailey. I feel so overwhelmed, but I am also starting to fall behind in my scheduled training... I am constantly worried that I will not get certified and will not be a good dispatcher, and I want this more than anything... Do you or anyone else have any suggestions? I feel so stupid when I forget certain information on certain calls that I have never had training or forewarning... I feel so lost sometimes. I don't have much confidence anymore, and it's starting to take a toll on my mind set when I walk into work. I've become more worried about getting yelled at and causing my trainer to get mad at me than I am about doing things right. I don't know how to explain it, but I just feel so stupid. I'm on my 5th week, and I still have not been put on the headset and am still only taking phone calls... I feel like I am so far behind. How can I improve????

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Cindy Hargett in Barnesville, Georgia

72 months ago

I totally understand what you guys are saying. I have been a dispatcher for 13 months. It is the hardest thing I have ever done but well worth the effort. All I can tell you is keep your head up, do the best you can each day and try not to worry about it when you are home. My training was very difficult and I didn't think I would make it. I can tell you that I still get nervous on PD radio but it is finally coming together. Please feel free to email me anytime....I know what you are going through and don't mind if you need to vent!!!

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72 months ago

Thank you so much, Cindy. I really appreciate your support. I finally got on the headset! :-) Now I just have to train on pd side... which makes me nervous still because I'm still behind in training. But it makes me feel better that I'm not the only one who is nervous at work. I still mess up... a lot... but I'm getting the hang of it a little better than I did previously. I still struggle with multi-tasking though... My official end-of-training day is up next month... I don't think I'm quite ready... But I'm doing the best and more than I can... I still feel so stupid when people have situations and ask for advice and I don't know legal things about... but... I guess that is what the officers are there for, right? Anyways, thank you so much...

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BayAreaPD in Pleasant Hill, California

71 months ago

This is exactly what I need to hear from all of you- I am interested in pursuing a job in this field of work, but often wounder if I will be confident during my training process. Currently I am applying to positions throughout the Bay Area, California. If anyone has any leads or helpful suggestions please contact me.

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Suzanne in Old Bridge, New Jersey

63 months ago

This is very common for new dispatchers to feel this way. I have been a dispatcher for 8+ years and even now it can still get overwhelming. My suggestion first off is sit down with your trainer and explain how you feel and be honest on the areas that you are not comfortable with. It is better than not being sure and 2nd guessing yourself. 2nd thing is just jump in...literally. Put the headsets on and jump in. Everyone has to "drown" a little, I even did but the sooner you actually get in and do it the sooner you become comfortable with it. Believe me, they will not let you drown, they will be there to listen and help. They want to make sure you also give accurate information and instructions as well. Its an excellent job and with many great rewards. If it helps to post little stickies in front of you on the things you keep forgetting then do so. All of a sudden whatever you did not understand will come to you and then you have that "A HA Moment". Keep you head high and always think positive.

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JCONT02 in Tucson, Arizona

50 months ago


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Michelle in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

16 months ago

I've been training for the last 3 months and just this last week my trainer started really getting on me about not using the EMD cards, but literally last week was the first time she let me start using them. I would love if you could give me your opinion on this, I feel like I handle all the paperwork and desk side very well, and even the radio. But Every time a call comes in that is not "simple" I panic and start to make stupid mistakes and get frustrated. It's like I am thinking so hard about what to do and what needs done, common sense flies out the window! Do you think this is something I can work through? I just need some encouragement, I leave work everyday beaten down from getting yelled at and I think I'm developing fear from getting yelled at after calls which affects me on the calls. What do you think? any advice?

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