Polygraph test or Voice Stress Test

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Mrs.X in Bakersfield, California

48 months ago

I recently got a notice to do a "Performance Test" for a Dispatcher position and I'm excited and kinda nervous...but my question isn't about the module testing. It's about a POLYGRAPH/Voice Stress Test!

Are they doing these everywhere? And if so, do the answers to the questions DQ you or your dis/honesty? What kinds of questions do they ask? I recently stopped using marijuana and I don't even have a year sober under my belt. If they ask about my past drug use and I say "Yes" or whatever will I automatically be DQ'd???

Will the personnel department know any of these answers? What to do??????

Clifton Coetzee in Johannesburg, South Africa

48 months ago

It is best not to lie. The increased stress you carry from even knowing beforehand that you are going to lie will count against you. Rather disclose
and be regarded as forthright and honest. You cannot beat a VSA lie detector test.

While these tests are not infallible, they are a reliable indicator of deception.

There is a means to provide a favourable 'score' for yourself, but only with older technology vsa that does not incorporate audible answering cues.

You can read more about new automated avsa pro 1,8a on website polyvsa.co.za

Good luck

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