Tips for police dispatcher interviews.

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Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming police dispatcher interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

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ok2bu in Los Angeles, California

55 months ago

1. dress nice. Men should wear a suit or slacks, dress shirt and a tie. Women should wear a nice pair of slacks or skirt with a nice top (nothing see-thru or low cut). Make sure its clean and ironed. Navy blue or black with a light or neutral shirt is always safe and professional looking. Remember you are working for the police department and you need to make a good impression. When I showed up for my interview, there were 2 men wearing jeans (one with a tshirt and another with a dress shirt) and a woman wearing a tight above the knee skirt with a nice blouse that was showing a bit too much cleavage. None of those people got the job. You can give them the best answers but if you're attire is sloppy or too revealing, chances are good you won't be getting a callback.

2. If you can arrange it, do a sit in at the 911 call center and/or arrange a ride along with the police department to get to know the area, to talk with personnel who can give you information on what the job is about. Sometimes the interviewers will ask "What have you done to prepare yourself for this job?" and telling them you've done one or both will impress them. It'll show them you truly want the job and you're making an effort.

3. If you can't (as some agencies will not allow it), then research the department online. Read their mission statement, find out the areas they cover as well as the surrounding areas so you know what outside agencies you may have to work with. A common question is "Why do you want to work for our agency? What do you know about our department?"

4. Check out It will give you common public safety dispatch interview questions and a hint on how to answer the question. If you need more hints on how to answer a question, just google common interview questions and answers......Good luck

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NathanNiel in Los Angeles

55 months ago


Thanks for sharing the useful information.

One needs to clear police entrance exam to become a police officer. Police recruitment includes testing the candidate's personalities and psychological responses. Thus it is better to be prepared on those aspects. The methodology applied to test may differ but the basic search for a suitable candidate would be on that basis.

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bernie in Nantucket, Massachusetts

37 months ago

I have an interview on Friday for a dispatch position. I feel confident about being a good candidate for the position. I am just trying to research as much as possible. Any hints on how this interview would be when it is on a sesonal/resort island? Also keeping in mind we do still have winter residents. Any help at all would be awesome!!

Thanking you in advance,

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31 months ago

Today I took the oral exam for a dispatcher position in San Francisco. I'm very anxious and was wondering if there is anyone involved in or who knows the hiring process. I answered the questions as best I could, using my common sense but being that I have no previous training I'm not sure if my answers where what the pannel was looking for. Do you know if a) they are looking for a "right" answer or more so looking to see how you respond? and b) how they score the test? is it like you need a 70% out of 100? All the questions where senario (what would you do?)type questions-nothing was aked about my skills or personality, etc so just wondering how much wieght does this have in the hiring process.

Thanks Guys!

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