Becoming an officer with bad credit history

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93 months ago

I recently went through a divorce and things did work out as planned- so now I have pretty terrible credit. I'm still young (25), but I have a list of employers (mostly part time) that is pretty long- due to relocating, having children, and just switching jobs. I currently have 55 credits toward my law enforcement degree but I'm getting really nervous that I won't be able to get hired due to my "unstable personal history"- what do you think?!?

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Charlie Norton in Jonesboro, Georgia

92 months ago

Bad credit is not necessarly a deal breaker most departments will give u an oppertunity to clean up your credit especially if it was due to divorce because its not all you and that's understandable to recruiters. The credit check is to determine wheather you would have issues of temptation. You need to talk to a recruiter face to face and explain your situation before filling out an application.

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J-W in Washington, District of Columbia

74 months ago

From what you wrote, I would think you would still be able to get hired. Having bad credit can definitely hurt your chances of getting a police officer job. However, how bad your credit is and why your credit is bad will likely be considered. Also, how much debt you have and what kind of debt can be taken into account. Due what you can to improve your credit and reduce your debt. All else being equal, you do want your resume to reflect responsibility and some stability, but employers realize that changing jobs is often necessary. Hopefully you didn't get fired, quit without notice, or leave on bad terms with your past employers. That can also hurt your chances of getting hired. It is great that you are working toward a college degree. Finish your degree, and do whatever else you can to make yourself the best candidate that you can.


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