Becoming a police officer

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Pomeline87 in Naugatuck, Connecticut

32 months ago

I have a few questions for anyone in law enforcment, i am 26 year old woman with a husband and two children in the last 6 months i have realized i wanted to becoming a police officer. However i have a few questions regarding being hired. When i was a teenager i went through a very bad time for many years i fought with my mom alot, and one time i was arrested for disturbing the peace, this was when i was 15 and the only time i was ever arrested, will this hurt my chances of getting hired or will most likely they not even care because it was so long ago ? second question is during this time some social worker or maybe a psychologist diagnosed me as having conduct disorder not really sure what that is or if its anything serious, just wanted to know if it would come up in a background check. My third potential issue is my credit, i dont have any credit card debt as i have never had a credit card but i have unpaid medical bills from many years ago that i wasnt able to pay as i had no insurance, and a few other misc. bills like utility bills that at the time i didnt have the money to pay for. Im just curious if these things would be a huge hinderance and if so how i could go about fixing them to obtain employment in the future?? Also how hard is the written portion of the exam and what kind of material is on it and the best way to study for the exam.. Any helpful responses appreciated

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Gar in San Marcos, California

29 months ago

The biggest issue is the unpaid medical bills. For the issues when you were 15 you should be fine if you are honest. The medical diagnosis may be a problem depending on how long ago it was and the treatment you sought afterwards.

The unpaid bills will come up. Those you should try to settle with the companies as soon as possible and apply a few years later when your finances are cleared up. Your not out, just need a little planning before you can be competitive. And it always depends on th agency and who else is applying.

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