Can I still be a police officer if..

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Jay888 in Pickering, Ontario

53 months ago

Hey, my name is Danni and I have a question regarding something I did as a kid and how it will affect me when applying.
When I was 12 years old I was very stupid and made an email account posing as someone else with a photo I took a photo off google. With this account I conversed with people I knew at my school. It began to go too far when I began to form friendships with people and it took a turn for the worst when decided to prank my friend. I was typing to her (fake account) on a messaging site and told her I was in her backyard while I (real me) was speaking to her on the phone and we were both laughing. We hung up and I called her back and told her it was a prank and she told me that she called the police then she hung up on me. A couple days later an officer spoke to me at my school for 30 seconds tops and he askd me abut how I knew the boy and where I met him (fake account) I lied about it still going on as if my fake account was a real person. I never heard from the police again and went on as usual. I ended up making more fake accounts on facebook when I was 13/14 and then stopped when I realised I was sick for doing it. I am 16 now and want to be a police officer one day but I am scared if my mistakes would prevent me from doing so.

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DUZZYv in Ogden, Utah

47 months ago


This will not hurt your chances for two reasons. First, you were never arrested, you only talked to the police for a minute. Two, even if some charges were pressed on you the would be minor and gone by the time you were 18. Just be honest in your interview and polygraph test. Don't hold anything back, they would rather you tell them the truth up front than find out about it durning the background investigation.

Do good in high school and go to college or enlist in the military.
Good luck.

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