Could I be a cop

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azman in Phoenix, Arizona

103 months ago

Here's my situation:

I have a perfect history with the exception of two things that happened within 3 a month time period over eight years ago. I had a business failure and lost my home, my wife, car and everything else that was meaningful to me. I went out got drunk crashed my car and got arrested. I refused to blow a breathalyzer and went straight to jail. A search warrant was issued to draw my blood. I was a .16 several hours later. lawyer got the DUI charge dismissed and I pleaded down to wreckless driving. Since that time I've never been pulled over again. The second instance was a couple months later and I was out in public and took a hit of weed off my friends pot pipe. I got a caught and issued a ticket for misdemeanor possesion of drug paraphanalia ( not posession of drugs). I have lived a role model life other than this brief period after my personal and financial collapse. I also have a couple of bachelor degrees and am in perfect physical shape. I'm 36 now and have grown up a lot in the last 5 years. I'd love to be a cop but just don't know if they could look past 2 bad months out of an otherwise perfect life. Again I have no felonies just two misdemeanors. Can anyone answer this question for me? Thanks!

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Mario in New York, New York

102 months ago

The drug paraphanalia charge may or may not be a problem based on the Dept in your state's standards, and a DUI can be overlooked since it was 8 years ago if your records are flawless since then. The refusing a breathalizer and believe it or not your age are gonna hurt you the most. I know for example in New York State if you are over 35 and have not served as a police officer or in the military in the need not apply. I feel like NY is rather strict, you may want to find the phone # of arizona state police recruitment and find out if they have any age regulations before you waste your time, because I am in the process of interviewing now and I have already spent 4 months on the first part of the process and if i get in it will be another 5 months before the academy starts. I don't know how much my answer will help you, but I hope that if this is what you want then you will take this advice and talk to someone in recruitment in the state you wish to apply in, thats the only way to find out if you have a shot. They'll prob tell you to apply so be prepared cause its a long process. Good Luck.

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J-W in Washington, District of Columbia

63 months ago

You could still become a police officer. Different police departments have different standards. Getting police officer jobs can be very competitive. Police departments usually have many qualified applicants when they hire. All else being equal, a candidate that hasn't been charged or convicted of 2 misdemeanors would be hired before a candidate that has. Bad credit and/or a lot of debt can also hurt your chances of getting hired.


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