Student wanting to be a RCMP Officer

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larryi in Nanaimo, British Columbia

58 months ago

Hello, I'm currently in Grade 10 and ever since I started high school I have wanted to be a police officer. I'm hoping a current or former officer could give me a few tips about what to do in school (as in what classes help), how stressful the career is and possibly life during retirement. As for myself, I live in a small town of about 5000 people, so there is not much to do. I've never smoked and I don't really drink, I'm somewhat looking for advice how to act while I'm young to give me a good chance at becoming police. Also I've heard the application process is very long and hard, is this true?

I'd like to add, I don't have the best grades (probably C average), how much will this affect my chances (I'm working on getting them up)?

By the way, in Canada, what schools are for policing? I've never really found that out.

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joe in Woodland, California

58 months ago

Some simple advice... Don't abuse alcohol. Don't use illegal drugs. Do not commit any kind of crime. Practice and excel at physical fitness. Always try to do better academically. Here in the U.S. an Associate's Degree in Administration of Justice (or something related) is almost always required to be competitive. You will have to take tests, read, study for promotions in the police department.

Almost all police departments in North America have community relations departments and those are the people that will be able to help and guide you to a career as a police officer. They may also be able to connect you to a mentor if you want one. If you do want a mentor, you have to be very proactive but respectful.

Here in the U.S. a police officer can make a lot of money. One K9 cop I know made $150,000 U.S. dollars last year due to overtime pay situations. But in other countries police officers make very low wages. It is a pretty stressful job, but usually the support of your fellow police officers is amazing. It is like a big family, usually everywhere.

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