Working outside of major petro-chemical areas

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bbg in Houston, Texas

81 months ago

I am currently studying ptech and lab tech at a commuinty college. I already have a bacholears' degree, but it does not directly apply to working in a plant. I also have a strong network of people involved in the industry from operators, contractors, engineers over operators, and ptech instructors. I trying my hardest to get some experience before I am a ptech grad, but I am getting no where. Three years ago without any degree I made it to the final round of interviews (last 50 out of 1000+) at a major chemical plant for an operator posistion. Now I just want any type of work in a plant, it doesn't need to be as an operator. I have had professional help me rewrite my resume and cover letter. I have a TWIC card. I have a 3.5 GPA for my ptech and lab tech studies. I talk to industry people, and they tell me I am a great example of they want operators.

Well, instead of competing with all the expierenced operators around here I am thinking about looking else where. For example, I have worked some in New Mexico a few years ago (not at a chemical plant) and a quick search revealed there is quite a few jobs out there. Plus, most of the jobs do not require a ptech degree. I don't believe NM has a ptech school, so maybe that is why they don't require degrees.

So, have any of yall ever moved away from the major petro-chemical area to find work? Was it easier to find a job? If I do find a job out in NM will my experience help me in a major petro-chemical area (IE Houston area)?

Also any helpful advice for landing some work in the plants before my studies are completed?

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Jman in Bellflower, California

81 months ago

I just finished a local Ptek class in southern california in november.I was just given an operator poistion at a local refinery. I think what gave me the edge was working as a contractor. Its really the only way to get experience in this feild. So you should try looking in all the major refinery contractors, but the work will be tough. You said you have a network of people which includes contractors so contact them and see if they can get you in.

I have left the area only as a contractor. I think you would be less likly to land a job as an operator in another area because refineries love local workers. If you were thinking of still relocating you should look into northern and southern california.

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