The right Project Manager resume style

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RonBren in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

90 months ago

I am currently a functional manager but my duties overlap as functional manager and project manager role. In past I have been product manager with role that overlaps with project manager role. I haave a total of 8 years of project manager experience and also got myself PMP certified recently.

I have applied to several Project manager positions and I am not getting any interviews. I thought my resume was excellent but I got a recent feedback that it was hard to tell exactly my project manager experience level.

I am in IT.


1. What type of of resume style should a person like me put together for a project manager job that brings out my project management experience eventhough I have been a functional pm and product pm?

2. Does being a functional mgr and product mgr for 8 years really makes me less competitive over someone who has served as sole project manager for 8 years?

3. I feel like more competent as senior Project mgmr with all the experience&eduction. But does my situation really puts me at entry level PM?

Highly appreciate any feedback!

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xyz in Berlin, Germany

74 months ago

I wonder, if you got a job meanwhile. I will tell you how people think: For a project manager the important skills and experiences required are leading people (leading a team) and responsibility of delivery the final deliverables. As a product manager you are only coordinating and did not have responsibility of leading a team and delivering the product. So you need to demonstrate that you can lead a team and make them deliver the deliverables you are responsible for.

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hary.desai in Mumbai, India

71 months ago


i am a graduate civil engineer with a diploma in construction contracts management. i am now preparing to appear for pmp certification. this is because i wish to work as a project manager.

i am currently working in a project management role notwithstanding the fact that my designation is manager contracts and billing.

but i am not getting jobs as a project manager in my field of civil engineering.

should i redesign my cv or do something else?



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