To Lean 6, or not to Lean 6, or not to Lean 6? That is the question.

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Da' Bear in West Columbia, South Carolina

46 months ago

I have had employer sponsored opportunities in the past to obtain a Lean Sigma Black belt, and shrugged it off as irrelevant to the type of Content management/writing that I was doing at the time.

Finding myself unemployed for the first time in my adult life, there seems to be quite a few companies who favor such certification in managerial project/proposal writerats. Only one hitch, Now *I* have to pay for it. Black belt is financially out of the picture. I can, however, take get a green belt cert in a day from a local tech school for $695. That I can do, the question becomes 'is there any value added in a Lean Sigma green belt?'.

Thanks in advance, lifting my 70th mug of ramen on the month to all in my posistion,

Da' Bear

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xnmmi in Lancaster, California

46 months ago

For me, personally, if I could get some Six Sigma resume filler, I would, in a heartbeat. So, I vote to do it if you can afford it - it more than likely will give you an edge over applicants that do not have any SS/Lean training.

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