need help to find jobs in public health

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MYin in Portland, Oregon

24 months ago

Hi everyone, I am a new MPH graduated. So sad :( After graduate school, I had to moved to Portland, OR and I wasn't able to find a job for (almost a year). I have a BA for Molecular and Cell Biology and MPH of Epidemiology with Public Health Genetic Certificate. I am really tired of submitting my resume online. Can someone give me some advice of job hunting or changing of career path? I am thinking about MT, but need to pay two years more school tuition :(

Recent MPH grad in Haverhill, Massachusetts

16 months ago

I would like to offer you a research opportunity. I have a friend who is an epidemiologist and public health consultant who needs immediate assistance with a ground-breaking research project! It is in the grant application stage at the moment, which has a deadline that is JANUARY 21, 2014 aka TOMORROW!! We need a name to be added to the grant of a Master's in Public Health Student or graduate!! This is URGENT!!! If interested, please, please reply to this message immediately!!!! Thank you!!

Ashleyr12 in Providence, Rhode Island

4 months ago

Hi All,
I recently graduated with my MPH in May and have been looking for public health jobs in RI and CT. I have applied for several positions and haven't had any luck. I've been told by multiple employers that I lack experience in the field, however, I have been feeling very frustrated because I don't know how I am supposed to gain experience if I can't find an entry level position in public health. I would greatly appreciate any tips or feedback! I would love nothing more than to be working in this field, and am hoping that I will have some better luck soon!

Cherharp in Branford, Connecticut

2 months ago

I graduated a year ago with an MPH degree and still can't get a job. I am getting upset and frustrated. I look on all career sites and apply all the time. I just don't know what to do.

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