Getting a public safety officer job.

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How did you get your start doing public safety officer work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position?

Do you need a particular educational background?

frederick M. Zeleya in Montclair, California

80 months ago

Iam currently holder of pawer of arrest Guard card with the certification of straight and side baton,issue by the consumersAffairs dpt.i do hold a Mace and pepper spray card alone with first Aid,and cpr.Ido have Over ten years working in the fields of security from private company meaning Hospital,high rise buildings,private patrol from edison security,westec,bell airpatrol through commercial and city properties withing the city Los Angeles and San Diego Cuonty

Steph 146 in Forest Hills, New York

61 months ago

There are a number of ways one can enter into Public Safety. My opinion as far as the better option is working for a Government agency whether city, state or federal levels. Most agencies require an civil service exam. ie NYPD School Safety had just gained civil service status a few years back. The Dept used to accept applications in order to enter the training academy. The postive part working for the Dept is that the training is free, other than paying for your uniform and equipment. Once your certified you can almost use the NYS Peace Officer certification anywhere in the Country. From Civilian to Government Agency. Most jobs will look to you being an well experienced and trained individual from an highly regarded law enforcement agency. If you have applied for an NYS Security Guard license you might want to look into jobs from Private College's and University or Hosptial's. Most of them have a decent salary range plus benefit package.

Steph 146 in Forest Hills, New York

61 months ago

If applying for an security guard license or peace officer certification please make sure that if going thru a private security company that there legimate and have a positive reputation. There are alot of these companies that will charge you triple the amount of what the state your applying for. If applying for Peace Officer status in NYC, remember that the NYPD process and deputize your application for the state of NY. Even for armed guard license,they make it a though process to go through. The key to finding the job that suits your need is to do alot of research learn part the law and explore your options once you've obtained your certificates. Experience in the public safety field goes along way. The more knowledge the better your chances are for success. Public Safety Officers don't have powers of arrest but should know a part of the law that pertains to the geological area of their employment to detain an individual until the police make the initial arrest.

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