What do you enjoy most about your purchasing agent career?

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SGL in Lynnwood, Washington

120 months ago

Note, I work in the construction field.

What I enjoy the most: The challenge of social engineering, the hunt for the best prices and best products.

Dislike the most: When finances do not exist for large bulk purchases. It truly does take dough to make bread. When suppliers attempt to sway me with bribes.

Opportunity: There is much to learn, and advancement for me is based upon how well I do my job. I make it my goal to show my employer I have saved them at least my entire years wages within a few months. This creates the opportunity to receive bonuses.

Growth: Growth depends upon the company and the purchasing staff. I am the entire department, therefore I will grow with the company, and new hires in my department will be under my direction.

What keeps me at my job: Money, I work to eat, not because it is fun. Other reasons include the mental challenge, learning, and the lack of physical labor which has caused me injury in the past.

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Irene Molina in San Salvador, El Salvador

113 months ago

Host said: What do you enjoy most about being a purchasing agent? What I enjoy the most in interact with people,. In my case this is important because I studied English at the university, and in this way I put into practice and improve english. Related we the job properly I enjoyed the most tracking the orders.

What do you dislike the most? What I disliked the most is when the suppliers are not accurate with the promissed delivery date, Then I have to appologize with my Requestors because they Assume that I am the one who failed.

Is it challenging? Yes it is an incredible challenge because some of the spare parts I buy, Are of critical use in the production line, If a Line stop producing for the lack of one of this pieces, the company can lost millions of dollars, so is a big challeng to have the product in the precise time according with the delivery date scheduled.

Are there many opportunities to learn and advance? Yes there are lot of opportunities to learn, we can learn to create databases, to negociate, to improve your computer skills moving from one another program at the same time, to handle the stress, to learn vocabulary, to control invetories and create your owns many more things...

What keeps you at your job? Actually I am not working I quicked two months ago, I really loved every single aspect of my yob,I quicked because I had a bad boss who never appreciated the sacrifice of his employees and enjoyed humilleating us.

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ITbuyer in Garden City, New York

98 months ago

Host said: What do you enjoy most about being a purchasing agent?

I'm an IT buyer as well as a computer "geek" so what I like most about my job is that I get paid to work in a field in which I have a personal interest.

Host said: What do you dislike the most?

What I dislike most is end user perception of the work I do. Generally, people think that buying technology is no different than the steps they take when buying technology for home use. That is very far from reality when it comes to institutional buying. Some of the difference include; Challenges that come up when you are trying to standardize on equipment, having to follow company policies and procedures, and of course the fact that my purchasing desicions often have to satisfy the different needs of different end users.

Host said: Is it challenging?
Yes, because technology is constantly changing, a good decision 3 yrs ago may no longer apply.

Host said: Are there many opportunities to learn and advance?
Yes. There are many opportunities to get certified. Google "Purchasing Certification".

Host said: What keeps you at your job?
The challenges, the fact that my supervisors give me much creative control over projects and different cost saving ideas.

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