What does quality mean to you?

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96 months ago

In my field, quality is more than simply sorting out the good from the bad. Quality should never come by accident, rather by intelligent effort and should become habit. While it is true most Inspectors do not make the parts, it is their job to assure nothing is wrong with them and report the results. Keep in mind the initial customer is not necessarily the end user that has to deal with a possible defect, people are. Consider my 20 years of experience as CMM Programmer for several major suppliers to the Automotive and Aerospace industry, this challenging career has taught me how the importance of quality must be designed and built into a product or service and not merely inspected into it. In this capacity my responsibility is to assure the design intent is accurately followed throughout the entire process. A degree may assist in figuring that out, however it still takes 20 years of experience to know the difference. Quality of an item is measured in terms of its value and of its good use to someone willing to pay for it. Having that vision to get it right the first time shows integrity. Doing it right when no one is looking shows character. That is how you assure conformance to print, that is Quality.

Am I wrong here?

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