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Louis in Murcia, Spain

81 months ago

I'm software engineer, I'm designing a database for registering production process of a sort of product. I'm in doubt about whether to take into consideration the classification of a Product before assing its LOT number or vice versa? Lets say cases a) and b):
a) If PRODUCT-A, for instance, obtains a lot number LOT-1 before classifing it, then that LOT will contain all classes of PRODUCT-A, lets say CLASS-A, B, C, and PRODUCT-A will be included in inventory as only one item, so a further process of classification should divide that production into three parts, one for each class.
b) The other approach is to obtain PRODUCT A, classify it in CLASS-A,B,C, assign lot numbers LOT-1,LOT-2,LOT-3, one for each class and then inventory three lots as three items.

Which one should be the more advisable approach, taking into consideration registration and further quality, or invoicing or any subsequent process ?
Thanks a lot for your comments,

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sherryla2010@*****.*** in Cardington, Ohio

32 months ago

Dear Louis,

I have worked in automotive manufacturing for 30+ years. I am not sure in your explanation exactly what you are looking for, but what I can tell you is exactly what the Lot# is utilized for in an assembly plant. In most automotive plants, the lot number signifies a specific date, time, and class from which that component was made. This number is collected at each point of use for recall purposes. In the event that an issue is found with that component part. That component part's use can be isolated by the customer to a certain date, time, and class.
I cannot emphasize to you how important a more specific lot number can be to your customer. We had lot# traceability sheets at each assembly process, where employees collected the lot# of each component part that went into each assembly. In the case of there ever being an issue, we could inform our customer specifically which assemblies contained that specific lot#.
My vote is for your lot# to contain more than just a class identification, but to make it a combination of date, time, shift, and class. This information will also protect your business as well.

Sincere regards,


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