Transition to Case Manager RN with no Experience/Cannot sit for Exam with no Experience

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Kimberly in Sacramento, California

55 months ago

I will pay to take PRIME course in CM principles which will $179 which allow you to sit for exam. However cannot sit for exam because I have no experience as a CM. I am trying to apply as a CM RN. Therefore, I am taking this course to do this. However, I have no experience as a CM. Hence....cannot take exam...see my struggle. Employers want certification and experience. How do you get it? I am the ideal RN, and this is my ideal career. Just need a foot in the door...

Any suggestions?

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aliciacarter in Macon, Georgia

48 months ago

Hi Kimberely. My name is Alicia and i reside in the ATL, GA area. Probably the best and most easiest way to break into case management is to do 2 years of home health or hospice care. These positions are much easier to break into with basic nursing skills esp. if you already have a strong nursing background and/or clinical skills. Most often these positions are case management positions, but you will find admission and oncall/triage positions which in essence provide discharge planning and initiating the plan of care (admissions) and relief/afterhours case management(Triage/oncall). Once you get 2 years of experience you will meet the experience requirement for case management. Don't get discouraged by the paperwork in case management. It comes with the territory and is a trade off for bettter work hours and conditions, the ability to primarily work from home, and w/good time management skills you can even schedule your visits around your schedule with the exception of triage/oncall positions as the calls come to you unexpectedly but I do triage full time and work out of my home mostly with visits for emergencies or patient deaths. Do take courses in case management from PrimeCare as they will help fill in gaps you may not work with with your population as case management is a very broad field with different specialties and the exam covers a very broad knowledge base. I am currently in the processs of studying for the exam myself. Also join Case Management Society of America. Their journal is wonderful and will keep you abreast of the case management field as well as job opportunities. So in two years and hard work and study you can have a new specialty/niche career in nursing case management. I hope this helps!!!

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shaw-nay924 in Marietta, Georgia

18 months ago

Hi Kimberly. I'm just wondering how your job search turned out? I too am trying to get into case management/ concurrent review/ utilization review. I cant even get an interview. I have 9 years nursing experience. Any advice/ help would be appreciated. I'm willing to shadow someone at their job to get a little experience. I live in the Marietta, Ga area.

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