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Math Skills

Hello everyone, I'm looking into becoming a radiation therapist and i was wondering on what level of math skills do you need to be successful at this...


Updated 1 month ago

Is there any Radiation Therapists or people studying Radiation therapy out there? - 630 Replies

[QUOTE who="Amanda in West Columbia, South Carolina"]Hi. I recently was accepted to a Radiation Therapy Program in Virginia. I am moving in August to...


Updated 1 month ago

Radiation Therapist possible for Military Wife? - 1 Reply

Have you already completed your program? I am a military spouse, married to an officer. I am applying this year and am optimistic I will be...

lancaster in Lincoln, California

Updated 1 month ago

Any recent grads or students of the nvcc / vwcc radiation therapy program? - 1 Reply

Hello, I am working to get into the NVCC/VWCC radiation therapy program for fall 2015. I would love to have an insight on the program from a current...

kate2424 in weatherford, Texas

Degree in Liberal Arts, Radiation Therapist

I have a Bachelors Degree from years ago and want to change fields and become a radiation therapist. May I get an RT certificate and take test for...

Corin in Houston, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Dosimetry school interview - 4 Replies

Hi, I have an upcoming interview for a medical dosimetry program. Can anyone share their experience with their dosimetry interview? Are there any...

Jade in Brea, California

Updated 2 months ago

Radiation Therapy - a dying field? - 320 Replies

I've seen this topic being touched on a little bit in other threads. I am having second thoughts on pursuing a career in Radiation Therapy. The...

Noemi in New York, New York

Updated 4 months ago

Tough decision: MRI or Radiation Therapy? - 2 Replies

I'm almost finished with my x-ray program and have been struggling to choose which modality I want to specialize in afterwards. Here's my issue: I've...

Ethan in Bronx, New York

Updated 6 months ago

Need help with getting into the radiation therapy program? - 1 Reply

Hi my name is carlos barriga and i have recently applied to the radiation therapy program at nassau 2010 and was not accept. i wrote a good essay,...

Unknown in Carrollton, Texas

RT to Dosimetrist Schools

I have been accepted to Radiation Therapy MS program but it will not start until may of 2018. My goal was to become a Radiation Therapist and then...

Michael in Henderson, Nevada

Updated 8 months ago

radiation therapist or respiratory therapist? - 200 Replies

i am considering changing from respiratory to radiation, i like both careers, but radiation seems less stressful, and a better paying career. i know...

Gemma1red in San Jose, California

Updated 9 months ago

Working as a Radiation Therapist with UK Degree. - 3 Replies

Hi Everyone, I am after some help and advice! I have recently relocated to California and am looking for work as a Radiation Therapist. I have 10...

Jeremy in Santa Clara, California

Updated 9 months ago

Can Radiation Therapy degree stand on its own? - 9 Replies

It seems that there is a promising future in Radiation Therapy. It sounds almost too good to be true. I have found that to usually be the case. Is it...

Danielleey in Connecticut

RT(T) jobs abroad

I am looking for radiation therapy job in either Australia, or London. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can proceed with this? Do these...

Gemma1red in San Jose, California

Updated 9 months ago

relocating from the US to Canada - 8 Replies

How difficult would it be for a soon-to-be graduate to find a job in Canada? Would my B.S. curriculum be the same as in Canada. Everyone stresses one...

Daizy in South Ozone Park, New York

Radiation Therapist Job Outlook in NYC

Any currently employed radiation therapist or recent graduates that can tell me about the job market in NYC area. I'm looking into the field and want...

Amirrezaradjabi in Kanata, Ontario

Radiation therapy as a career

I just wanted to ask people who are in this field to give me a bit info about the environment of career of the progrsm if possible as I have heard...

Starlight in Rock Hill, South Carolina

Radiation Therapist

Are there any accredited schools in Charlotte, NC area? If not,what would be the next step in getting into a radiology program?

Starlight in Rock Hill, South Carolina

Radiation Therapist

Are there any accredited schools in the Charlotte area that offer evening classes?

Kristine in Hurst, Texas

Updated 13 months ago

Are radiation therapy and x-ray tech two different fields? - 6 Replies

I have been looking at x-ray technician and radiation therapy programs in Texas. Not only is it confusing trying to find a program that is...

Sanya in Houston, TX in Houston, Texas

Updated 13 months ago

Volunteering in radiation therapy. - 8 Replies

I am a registered therapist and haven't been able to find a job. I would love to just volunteer and be with patients again, but seem to get the run...

lavendar in Seattle, Washington

Updated 19 months ago

Prospective Radiation Therapy Student- Quick Questoinaire - 3 Replies

Hello. I am working toward an AA degree in Psychology and I have a project to look for jobs that I may be interested. If anyone in the field would be...

Life24 in Richardson, Texas

Radiation Therapist vs Nursing

Hi there, I have conducted research on both RT and Nursing for awhile now. I am a bit torn, from my research the most common career options in...

Allie O'Malley in Provo, Utah

How hard is it to get accepted to an RT program?

I am about to graduate from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor's in Spanish and a minor in Sociology. Because of family/health issues, my GPA...

jmkeim in Raleigh, North Carolina

why did you choose to become a Dosimetrist?

hello all, I am a current student at a radiation therapy program and was wondering why people chose to become Dosimetrist

canada 2323 in Ontario

Updated 23 months ago

H1B Visa for Radiation Therapist? - 4 Replies

I am a Canadian Citizen and a Radiation Therapist with both member of ARRT and CAMRT with Clinical experience as a Radiation Therapist. I am not a...

Help me please in Arizona

What's better?

I'm currently working on my associates in Medical Radiography and will start my certificate of completion in radiation therapy next year. I was...

CWong in Vancouver, British Columbia

RT jobs in Canada? Any luck?

Hi, I graduated in June 2015, and I'm still looking for a radiation therapist job in Canada. I'm CAMRT and ARRT certified--anyone have any luck with...


Updated 25 months ago

Can I major in biology and become a Radiation Therapist? - 1 Reply

Im very interested in becoming a radiation therapist and wanted to know what's the best way to become one. im a HS grad..

jlong2988 in Denver, Pennsylvania

Updated 25 months ago

Radiation Therapist / Dosimetrist - Best path with a biology degree? - 7 Replies

Hi all, This is my first post so be gentle! I am currently a senior in college graduating in May with a bachelor's in Biology. I have considered...

Herb in Concord, California

Radiation Therapy Questions

Hello, I am very interested in pursuing a career in Radiation Therapy but I have a few questions. I would appreciate any insight. Why did you...

RTT in Lubbock, Texas

Updated 29 months ago

RT program while working - 1 Reply

I'm interested in the radiation therapy program at a community college nearby. I have a masters in biomedical engineering, but I work in medical...

Cornestone in Mississauga, Ontario

Updated 29 months ago

Good Recruitment Agencies (Preferrably the Westcoast) with International experience - 1 Reply

Hello, I'm a new graduate from a Canadian Radiation Therapy degree program. Completed both my Canadian national exam and the ARRT. I want to work...

Amy in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 30 months ago

Radiation Therapist Pros and Cons? - 9 Replies

What are the Pros and Cons of becoming a radiation therapist? Will I spend all my time in a hospital and not be able to have a life? Will I be...

Gwendolyn Boatwright in Little Rock, Arkansas

Updated 32 months ago

Radiation Therapy- Anyone have any information? In need of help - 2 Replies

Hi. My name is Gwendolyn Boatwright and I'm from Arkansas. I wanted to know or get input on if it's better to get a degree in health science then go...

Blindsun in Portland, Oregon

What other countries are in need of Radiation Therapy Jobs?

I have been an RTT for over 5 years now and want to consider my options for moving abroad. Does anyone know of any countries that are in need of...

wobb in Menomonie, Wisconsin

Radiation Therapist, best way to pursue

I am currently looking into going to school to become a radiation therapist. One path I found for this was completing a 2 year associate degree in...

Shiloh Litton in Salisbury, Maryland

Updated 39 months ago

Travel RT - 1 Reply

Guys, I am a new RT grad that wants to do some traveling work. I was wondering if you can give me a few pointers on what to expect from the field and...

Shiloh Litton in Salisbury, Maryland

Updated 40 months ago

Is radiation therapy REALLY a dying field? - 2 Replies

Hello all! I plan on switching my major to radiation therapy. Is there really a good job outlook for it in Tennessee? Or are there a lot of new grads...

RT enthusiast in Woodbridge, Virginia

Updated 40 months ago

Radiation Therapist Starting Pay - 2 Replies

Would anyone be willing to say how much they were making when they started working as a RT and how much they are making now and how long it has taken...

kh in New Baltimore, Michigan

Updated 40 months ago

A more personalized question about job prospects... - 1 Reply

I am considering starting a Bachelor's program in Radiation Therapy this coming Fall, meaning I should graduate in 2016. I would be perfectly...

nadige in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 42 months ago

Radiation therapist job outlook. - 35 Replies

I was wondering is the job oulook for radation therapist GOOD in Southern California?? & is it hard to get accepted into a radiology...

Spencer in Hamilton, Ontario

Updated 45 months ago

Considering a Rad T. job in New Zealand. - 2 Replies

I am considering a job in New Zealand. There is a shortage of radiation therapists there. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any feed back...

Rad39 in Pataskala, Ohio

21st Century Oncology

Can anybody shed some light on this company and the radiation school they have in Florida? Thanks


Any Radiation therapists in the sacramento and/or bay area?

I am very interested in this field. Would you recommend someone in this area to start this career in 2013?

Radiation Therapist in Florida


I am a therapist with 3 years of experience and have been out of work since 2010 due to the tight job market in RTT. I have excellent experience and...

Shiloh Litton in Salisbury, Maryland

Updated 50 months ago

What other jobs are Radiation Therapists qualified for? - 4 Replies

I'm curious to see if RT's are qualified for other positions such as x-ray tech or radiologists. The reason I ask this is if its difficult to find a...

patswinger in Woodbridge, Virginia

Interview questions for a radiation therapist job

I have been a Radiation Therapist for 8 years. Recently(about 6 months) I have been looking for a job with more long term stability. I have managed...

Jewel in Abingdon, Maryland

Updated 51 months ago

Jrcert - 1 Reply

I am in the process of applying to a couple of schools in Florida. One has jrcert and the other is not. If I go to the non accredited program, is...

AngelaG in Hartwell, Georgia

Updated 53 months ago

RAD therapy schools that allow you to still work full-time - 2 Replies

I have been a Radiologic Technologist for almost 15 years. I got my CT certification in 2008. I will be finished with my Bachelors degree in...

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