Just graduated from Radiation Therapy - considering MRI

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Lee in Scarborough, Ontario

60 months ago

I just graduated from radiation therapy and am having trouble finding a job. I have an interest in MRI and am considering applying to the certificate program. Have any therapists gone this route? Does anybody have any advice or feedback they can give me? Thanks!

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MRT(T) in Toronto, Ontario

59 months ago

I don't know about the job market but it's going to be an extra 10 grands and you're going to be paid less as an MRI tech. I think most (if not all) MRI students at Michener are radiographers and I'm not aware of any RTs who's doing MRI right now.

U of Toronto-Michener has to stop pumping out so many grads every year or the employment rates of Ontario RT graduates are just going to keep falling. I don't know if there's an official number for this year's graduate employment rate but I'm thinking it's below 50%.

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x-ray student in Kingston, Ontario

55 months ago

Hmm ya I'm quite confused about this whole RT thing...UofT/Michiner offers gen rad, nuc med, radiation therapy programs which seem similarly hard to get in but is it true that radiation therapists get paid a lot more? I'm seeing that on some sites they get paid $5-10/hour more than other techs but is this really true? I just don't get it cuz there's a similar amount of schooling required for all of them right??? Is the job market going down for them because of so many ppl wanting to go into it rather than MRI/gen rad??

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