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jdouglas55 in High Point, North Carolina

60 months ago

So I recently got into a Radiation Therapy program. The classes seem SUPER easy, honestly to the point that I feel I should have tried for something tougher, but I already have a BA, no job, loan notes piling up and the great pay and interest for me seemed to fit (love science, helping people, and just brightening someone's day).

HOWEVER, I have had a DWI in the past (4 years ago to be exact), young stupid, partyer, no excuse (not looking for a lecture). Before school started I had to complete a background check (which I had to pay for). I started school, no emails, no phone calls, nothing, so I assumed all was cool. WELL, now, a month before my clinicals start I get an email from the head of the dept "we are having issues with your background check, blah blah blah" as if they have been so lazy as to JUST NOW look at it, not considering that I took out loans, put all my *hit on the line assuming if there were an issue they would tell me BEFORE I spent money/took loans out for school.

Anywho, that will have to be settled between me and the department (it would be nice to hear from others who have had dwi('s) in the past, but not the main point of my post.) My professors have said "the best you can expect is a PRN job" but they paint it as you will at least be working part time. But, the more I look online I'm learning that if I am SO lucky to get a PRN job it might be one or two days a month, and considering I have had a dwi which most haven't, I might not even get that. Am I just wasting my money? I'm not gonna sit here and lie and say this is my passion and I dream of being an RT, please, let's save that crap for the after school special. I am a nice intelligent person and suited to health care, but chose this bc of the money. Not trying to be cold just honest, are there really any jobs out there?

I have the potential and grades to go to grad school, should I just say screw it and do PA or PT??

SERIOUS, educated input appreciated.

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