Is the radiology program tough?

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Lola in Detroit, Michigan

72 months ago

I just want to know if the curriculum is really hard or difficult. Was there a lot of students dropping out?

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bnewco01 in Royal Oak, Michigan

69 months ago

that will depend on your definition of "difficult"
there is physics, biology, anatomy, math, etc. i just graduated from the Baker College program and nobody flunked out or dropped due to the program being too hard. success in the program depends on being a good/motivated student and your interest in the subject/profession.
some schools may be harder than others depending on how they are set up, how many classes per quarter, etc. if your serious about going into the field check our several programs. Beaumont hospital, Sinai Grace, Henry Ford Community College, and Baker College all have accredited programs.
Be sure the program results in at least an Associates Degree and is accredited by JCERT.
each program is set up differently and each has its ups and downs. check them out and see which fits your learning style and career goals.
good luck.

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DaveC in Hartland, Michigan

68 months ago

That was a great response. I am also looking at entering a radiology program and was wondering about the different programs offered. My concern is that I don't know what I don't know, and would really appreciate any thoughts as to the differences between the programs. I'll hold off on calling them pluses and minuses because learning styles differ so much. I'm looking for the program that turns out the most hire ready grads. Baker, Oakland CC, and Washtenaw CC are in my sights right now, but I might even look at Mott if they have a program.

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