Any job security in being a ramp agent?

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MattR in Richmond Hill, New York

57 months ago

Is it hard to get and keep a job as a ramp agent the way the economy is? Is there any job security? Thanks

John in Chicago, Illinois

53 months ago

There is if you get into one with a union. At Southwest we've got guys who are over 25 years in seniority on the ramp. Even a handful of original Southwest employees (1971) remain on the ramp to this day in Dallas and San Antonio.

It REALLY varies, and depends a lot on the company. Southwest being on one end of the spectrum, on the other end you've got the regional and express carriers. There's no future in those places. You kind of have to do your research to know what you're getting into. There is no parity in ramp jobs. You can make $17,000 a year at one place and be treated poorly, or you can make $90,000 a year and love coming to work every day.

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