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Evey in Jacksonville, Florida

86 months ago

reception is a joke your not just that you do it all for nothing and get nothing in return low wages and nasty looks and you are there slave to do what ever they want and you have to do it to make ends meat for your family favors or not it sux help keep us alive think of us as people not as yor own personal ass to unload on for 8.00 a hour or less.

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Sue Daniels in Danbury, Connecticut

85 months ago

I can't understand why you'd be in a job that had poor wages and nasty looks. Did you take a good look at your letter? You can"t even spell. Go back to school,get some basic education and then try again.I'm sure you'll see a difference in your pay check.I've done reception work for a while and never made less than $10.00 an hour.Don't forget,Florida also has some of the lowest wages in the country.

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Office Diva in Portland, Oregon

10 months ago

Evey: I'm surprised you got a job as a receptionist at all. Based on your letter, I'd say the problem isn't the job. The problem is your rotten attitude. Your post is riddled with spelling errors, your grammar is atrocious. As someone else suggested, go back to school, get yourself education. Most importantly, get over yourself and stop being a job snob.

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