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93 months ago

I just recently ended a 6 mongh assignment and have been puttting in NUMEROUS emails into a few temp agencies expressing interest in the many receptionist jobs they post, hard to believe taht as many jobs they place me in (receptionist( that I get NO response from them as far as any openings. A pet peve of mine is that If i have the decency to "recruit" people to go to them they shoudl have the decency to return emails saying something like thank u for my interest in this specific job bla bla bla SOMETHING! another expereience i had was that I applied for a job like ONE Minute from my house and they set me up with an interview with this place, I got a call the next day saying someone walked in off the street they interviewed this person and made an offer, oddly enough I found an add in teh paper for them and I called them and they stated they never did that. makes u wonder if the temp agencies tell u little white lies or somethign...very dissapointing if u ask me

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Michele in california

83 months ago

oh they lie!!!! I have caught them in so many lies!!!! I can't belive the Employers pay them!!!!!

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