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Gretta Haberman in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan

84 months ago

My first tip to most of you would be; start by spelling RECEPTIONIST correctly. It just might help with getting the interview. Yes, we work hard, yes most of us do not get paid what we are worth. But folks, get a grip here. That is why they call it a job. You do your best, you don't always LOVE it, but you get paid. If you have a family, you just do it, shut up and do it.

After many years as a receptionist, I could tell many horror stories, but I have some great ones too. Anyone with any job could do the same. You have to start somewhere and it happens to be at the bottom. Granted, you need to usually know more than anyone else there, but that is the ticket. You grow, listen, learn, become the best, be needed. You have to think quick, be ready for anything.

I covered a switchboard, that took care of two locations. Talk about a challenge! Especially when the staff was not where they were supposed to be. For instance, I covered for a collegue, that was seeing another women for years. I was so good, he never got caught. Until I left. Really, true story..I had one boss, always losing his cell phone, or had it stolen. Kept telling him to lock up his convertible. Once I had to UPS his false teeth, seems he got too drunk and forgot to pack them for his business trip.

You are the first person a client sees when walking in the door. Look presentable. Pass a drug test. You will do mail, odd jobs for anyone that wants to use you, grab lunch, dry cleaning, gift buying, etc. I even did some accounting and never did it before, other than for myself. Inventory, helping new hires, the list goes on. Oh, as far as breaks go? Forget about it, don't drink too much coffee. :)

I'm newly divorced, 50 yrs. old with a 6 yr. old that has a bad habit, she likes to eat. Been searching daily, via internet, newpapers, etc. Not even a call. Just hang in there, don't give up. And use spell check.

Last thought, try waitressing. Less agravation, better tips.

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