Just Graduated, Need help on the next step

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Dpogre in Chicago, Illinois

61 months ago

Hi, I just graduated with a BS in biology. I've been going to career fairs, interview help, recruiters, etc looking for a job as a research assistant or whatever entry level positions they have. I'm planning on going to grad school for biomedicine or biotechnology but not until next year. Should I volunteer at a hospital? Can I volunteer at research labs? Can someone give me some advice please. Thanks

mjs0424 in Winston Salem, North Carolina

59 months ago

sounds very familiar, just got my AAS in biotech and am just trying to get started with some company somewhere. everyone wants at least 1-3 years experience even if i can find one that the degree qualifies for. how do you get the experience if you can't get the first job?

CareerGuru in San Francisco, California

59 months ago

I would say go for it. Speak to someone at the companies, drop off resumes, and make yourself known.
You might also want to consider if your school has opportunities to be a research assistant.

tech in Galveston, Texas

58 months ago

Most companies do not require any experience if you have Bachelors degree (they require 1 to 3 years for Associate degrees). Go ahead and check out the career webpages of medical schools or any major research universities. I bet there would be quite a number in the Chicago area. Also check out pharmaceutical companies. Good luck!

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