DUI and RT licensure in California

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RTtobe in Sacramento, California

61 months ago


I live in California and have 2 DUI's. I am concerned that once I receive my RT license I will be put on probation. Has anyone had experience or any knowledge in this area? Thanks for the help.

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Richard in Oxnard, California

40 months ago

I also have 2 misdeameanor DUIs. By the time I complete the program, my 1st will be DUI will be 12 years old and my 2nd DUI will be 3 years old. Have you heard any feedback from anyone??? Thx

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Jen in Victorville, California

40 months ago

Well if you don't already have your license you should contact either the nbrc or the rcb before because there is a possibility you won't be able to get a rt license if you have DUIs on ur record.. The school doesn't tell you that when you sign up and I know that a couple of people in my class found out after they finished the whole program.. And you will not get a refund

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Mark RCP in Somewhere out there

40 months ago

Wow!RTtobe and Richard need alcohol couseling and AA. I am amazed at those who ask these qeustions on here about criminal behaviour or DUI's and then expect to get a license to practice Respiratory care when you cannot simply take care of your own actions then expect to be a professional taking care of individuals who need you undivided attention.

In other states if you recieve a DWI/DUI you would loose your license and never be able to practice again.

The Respiratory Care Board (Board) has the authority to deny licensure based on convictions of crimes, acts of dishonesty or fraud, acts involving bodily injury, unlicensed activity, violations of certain sections of the Health and Safety Code, convictions of alcohol/substance abuse <<<<<<< or any act which if done by a licentiate would be grounds for suspension or revocation of a license.

B&P § 3750. Causes for denial of, suspension of, revocation of, or probationary conditions upon license - The board may order the denial, suspension, or revocation of, or the imposition of probationary conditions upon, a license issued under this chapter, for any of the following causes:

(a) Advertising in violation of Section 651 or Section 17500.

(b) Fraud in the procurement of any license under this chapter.

(c) Knowingly employing unlicensed persons who present themselves as licensed respiratory care practitioners.

(d) Conviction of a crime that substantially relates to the qualifications, functions, or duties of a respiratory care practitioner. The record of conviction or a certified copy thereof shall be conclusive evidence of the conviction. [Refer to B&P 3752.5, 3752.6, 3752.7, and CCR 1399.370 for substantial relationship criteria]

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carebare33 in Fresno, California

22 months ago

what was the outcome to this ? did u find a graduate and find a job?

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