Under Investigation for testing violation

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rezze24 in york, Pennsylvania

25 months ago

Unfortunately during the RRT examination, I took my cellphone out to turn it off after my phone starting to vibrate and before I know it the employee their quickly rushed in and asked for me to hand it in. I realize this was a stupid mistake and that you are not allowed to have anything in the room with you, however the staff their never asked if i had anything or offered to take any of my personal objects.

Does anyone know how the NBRC topically deals with violations such as these? They said it will take 1-2 weeks to hear anything and I suspect they will forfeit the exam. Not sure how much harsher they will get.

jrmavc in you'll never know, California

25 months ago

you need to tell the NBRC that they didn't check for those items, technically you're both at fault, but this facility doesn't seem adequate to abide by the rules of the NBRC when candidates are sitting for their exams.

Good luck

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