The future of RT profession

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johnny009 in Anaheim, California

48 months ago

I understand that jobs are scarce and as I was reading this forum over the years, I hear people complaining about how much they hate this profession and they regret it. The only person here that actually tries to help new grads and students here is the user named, 'ebusiness'. When I had a discussion with that person, he/she loves the job and has no complains.

I question the rest of you thats been in RT for many years about your character. Making money is making money. Sure, doctors may make much more and faster, but is it really the respect you wish in this profession? I don't know where most of you are, but most nurses and even few doctors i've met love the RTs they work with. It's really funny because all the RTs I've met are nice people, but the ones that always complain seem to be rude people.

And those of you that hate this profession advise others to go into nursing, but guess what that field is not hiring as much. It may be the economy too, but other fields are just the same. Physical therapy? Even the PTA programs have so many applicants and they accept about 30 students each year. Why discourage anyone from getting into this profession when possibly you guys are the unhappy ones? Are you really trying to help us? Then provide some real facts where you're coming from because honestly, it is getting annoying.

I would really like the opportunity to meet some of you RTs that claim that this profession is terrible and you consider this profession not even a profession. One of you even said the Federal government doesnt even consider RT as a profession. If jobs aren't so scarce, I'm sure you wouldnt try to discourage anyone from entering this field.

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TJay in San Leandro, California

47 months ago

Hey, so i seem to be at a crossroads in my life right now. I'm not sure if i should go RT or PTA. I am currently looking into the respiratory therapy program in Fremont, Ca at Ohlone college i have most of my pre-requirements done. Maybe 2 or 3 semesters left i have a 3.0 GPA and know a few people who went there and made an impression on the program director who i have met with and such. However i am deathly afraid of the "lottery" positions seeing as they only take 28-30 students. I do not like the prospects of not getting in and seeing as this is the only program within 20-30 miles from me.

My other option is to attend Carrington College in Pleasant hill for their Physical Therapy Assistant program. I would not do their RT program because the credits are non-transferable and seeing as i would plan on getting my bachelors that wouldnt be an option. Seeing as Ohlone has a terrible PTA program that is out of the question. I currently work as a physical therapy aide now and like it and also have my EMT license which is why the RT is appealing to me. What do you recommend? Either is appealing in their own ways and i would enjoy to do either of them.

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