How far can management push us?

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KG in Alexandria, Virginia

118 months ago

So ive been in the rest. service industry for about 5 years, and recently quit my job @ O*****k Steakhouse. The reason I quit? Well, in a nutshell.. The company issues us clean, pressed, and starched work uniforms at the beginning of every shift, and at the end, we turn them back in w/ $1.50 for drycleaners. So this newyears day, it turned out however, somebody in management dropped the ball and the uniforms werent cleaned. Since I work a late shift, 86 aux. uniforms.
By the time I had arrived, the only thing available were filthy used wrinkled uniforms. I objected to wearing something quite so disgusting (food stains and body odor), and mgmg proceeded to yell at me as if I were a toddler, rather than come to a compromise. Not responding to this form of coercion, I quit on the spot.

What were my rights in this situation? and is there room to file complaint with the Virginia employment commission?
What can/should I do legally, if anything?

...An update to the story, I came back to the restaurant location today, to say my goodbyes and collect friends' phone #s. Our proprietor came over and started calling me a "punk", and kicked me out of the location, all the meanwhile calling me a "Punk" repetitively on the way out. Why did he kick me out? Because I was turning into a martyr, inspiring a wave of 2-week notices.

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Kellie in Ann Arbor, Michigan

116 months ago

I know the feeling. I work for the same company and I'm putting in my 2 week notice today. I was yelled at like a toddler yesterday at work by my proprieter for saying I was bored - when I was! We were dead, it was a Sunday, I had been there for 7 hours and didn't have a damn thing to do. He pulled me into his office and literally yelled at me, brought things about my personal life into his rant, and basically told me I was a bad worker when my other managers constantly praise me for my efforts at work. It was the most unprofessional conversation I have ever had with someone I work with, and I no longer have any respect for him. I don't let ANYONE talk to me the way he did, and even though he's my boss he still doesn't have the right.

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Rami in Austin, Texas

114 months ago

I totally Understand your frustration and feeling toward your former manager. As a former restaurateur, I never allowed any of mangers disrespect my staff for any reason. Now as a customer service and management consultant, I am always telling my clients that your managers have to understand that the restaurant will not only run by them . The wait staff and management communication is always an issue in restaurant business. Specially when those managers have not work as a server before in their life. A manager can destroy a restaurant or make it profitable. But As i said before this would not be possible without FOH and BOH involvements. So Don't worry. The manager that disrespect you will not make it. Sooner or later he will be gone. Sorry that happened to you.
Good Luck
Rami @

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