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Kevin in Richmond, British Columbia

99 months ago

What do you think about having your work schedule online?

I work at a restaurant and there are so many shift changes done at my work and everyone posts in the back on a silly little piece of paper. So I've decided to do something about this.

I've created a website for the restaurant industry to post their schedules and employees can post their shift trades/changes in the forum

Here is the url:

Let me know what you think,

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Dave Zainea in Detroit, Michigan

81 months ago

I own the Majestic Theatre Center, Inc. We have five divisions with a schedual for each division with many corss overs. It is still one business. To get an idea of what we do go to How much? What to do? Some employee's schedual do no change very often. Contact me at or 313.833.9700 Ext 215 or cell 313.792.7768


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