Excellent Worker out of luck

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BadluckTrinh in San Jose, California

55 months ago

I have worked in retail ( Macys) for more than eight year, I have always exceeded the goal, and got more than 5 awards,3 promotion in 2 years. However, goodluck didnt smile upon me, i got laidoff due to company merged ( they didnt make much profit)I happen to reach the top wages in retail, so they let me go. I dont know why i never have good luck with inter view, I can do the job compare to 3 other people, multi task, hard worker, NENER slacking up at work, but I Never pass an inter view. I dont know why, it might be because i dont know how to tell employer how great I am, BUT I CAN DEFFINETELY SHOW THEM I CAN DO MORE THEN WHAT THEY EXPECTED. All I need is a chance to prove myself, I will never let the one who hire disappointed. But who would understand this? believe in doing good deed and get the good return but so far still no job offer. Anyone, can help please help me out, I have a sick mom to take care and a small son to feed. Wherther you could help or not, Thank You for your time reading my thought!

marisole in Memphis, Tennessee

53 months ago

Have you tried Target, Wal-Mart, and other local retail shops that are everywhere. Victoria Secret is always hiring and so is Dillards (they suck, but its a job).

srmagill@aol.com in Janesville, Wisconsin

47 months ago

I helped put together and open the Walmart in Roscoe, Il.

patricia in Gladewater, Texas

43 months ago

have you tried biglots in longview they are always hiring

Heather in Atlanta, Georgia

33 months ago

Office Depot has retail jobs all over the country. jobs.officedepot.com/

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