Id rather be an Assistant Store Manager than a Store Manager Anyday! Anyone Else?

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retailchick74 in Baltimore, Maryland

78 months ago

I left a career in counseling to work in retail. I was hired as a Store Manager right away! I have a degree and some business training.I loved my salary. The first company I worked for the hours were not that bad. The next two companies however worked me to death. The last two stores required a minimum. of 44 hours during non peak season then a minimum of 6 day weeks with 50 plus hours at christmas and inventory time. I made a decent salary but earned every penny. I missed many of my kids functions because I was chained to the store.If someone was sick injured or quit their shift became my shift! UGH! I had a friend who kept telling me to take an assistant manager position instead she had just downgraded herself as well! She is happier then she ever has been. I took an assistant job and so far im loving it. I still earn almost the same but none of that silly meetings crap or excessive paperwork. I do my displays make sure the money is right and help build our brand and team. I never work more then 40 hours and when I do its at $35 plus dollars and hour! Im no longer missing most of my kids events. I enjoy being on the sales floor and interacting with my customers not chained to paperwork and corporate BS. I added the additional hours for my last store manager position and the total hours worked over forty were 280.. which would equal an additional 7 work weeks (at 40 hours a week)!!! The additional salary for that is less then 4,000! OUCH! Big Business has always gotten over on middle management but in the case of the Store Manager they sell a naive person on what looks like a decent salary when added up by the hour they are earning very little more then their assitants for giving up so much more of their lives. I also saw a tax break that equaled the difference in my salary versus my hourly wage :-) So Im earning the same amount but being responsibale for less Now that is true management :-)

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retailchick74 in Baltimore, Maryland

78 months ago

I wanted to note when I said "280 extra hours" that was in a year... 7 weeks of extra work a year.....Thats not worth it to me :-)

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MARY CHRISTINE in Oxnard, California

49 months ago

It is true... Assistant Managers will not have the same pressure that store managers will.. Retail in general is not a great industry for families... That being said, I am ready to take on more responsibilities. I need the extra challenge that the assistant manager role will no longer grant me. It just depends on where you are at in your life and what you want out of what you are doing. Also, you should definitely be earning a considerable amount more than your assistants. I know what assistants earn and so I know what I can and should ask for at my interview... It depends on the volume, but mostly it depends on that stores current weakness and how you can fill the gap for that store... Being confident and knowing how to speak to each company's deficiency and desire to fill the gap will make you the front runner, and then you can ask for what you think is the right price. We shall soon see if it is worth it or not!

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