I have the experience and training, great honest resume, years of experience, why can't I even get a call for an interview?

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Rose in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

103 months ago

I can't figure out why I cannot get a call for an interview to the few positions that I have applied for. I have the background, experience and knowledge, willing to start again at the bottom, but no luck. I see some of these people who are managers, and I cannot figure out how in the world they were hired for the management position? Any suggestions?

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mhezme in Livonia, Michigan

103 months ago

Same problem. Issue is that most managers in good companies are promoted within. Things that have worked for me are: reassessing other skills and applying for lesser jobs with larger companies. Do not reference anything that pertains to marital status or kids.

IMO, waiting for another management position could take alot longer than finances and creditors are willing to give. Need to re-invent. It may also mean self employment especially if 40 or over. College grads have it better than they think they do. Good Luck.

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therooster in El Paso, Texas

103 months ago

Aquire a special license such as a Commercial Drivers license. If you have a clean record you should be able to get something. Look again in your field when your working as a driver. The job hunt is lot less stressful when your employed-maybe not in your expertise- but It will give you a competitive edge and a foothold to continue your search. Lots of luck and hang in.

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MARY CHRISTINE in Oxnard, California

54 months ago

It could be your resume. Employers want to see results. Not just that you stocked shelves and did floorsets... They already know that. Give them something that will make them drool. did you reduce loss in your stores? If so , by how much? Did you increase sales? How much. Results! And just over all polished look and terminology. Retail has very specific terminology. Terms that ring bells for DMs.
Make sure that you make it very clear that you have a lot of experience in loss prevention... but only if you do. It would be terrible for you to walk into a store management position and fail at loss prevention... It is the 2nd biggest indicator after Sales.

RESUMETEMPLATES.ORG has some fantastic resumes to scope out and perhaps borrow some of their lines!

Good luck to you!

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