what is GOLDEN CLIENT in SAP systems?

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ruby in Long Beach, California

94 months ago

what type of certificate is SAP and where can you learn this

Hanu in Edison, New Jersey

86 months ago

DEV system is golden client

s in Tampa, Florida

84 months ago


Gh in San Diego, California

82 months ago

ruby in Long Beach, California said: what type of certificate is SAP and where can you learn this

Golden client is the productive client in SAP system landscape...for example if you have DEV,QA and PRD system then as per procedure you have a maintain same productive client on each
system.That client is called golden client.

justsap justsap in Los Angeles, California

80 months ago

Client on which SAP functional consultants do customizing for client specific requirement is called Golden Client.

For details always reffer:

gh in San Diego, California

77 months ago

Hanu in Edison, New Jersey said: DEV system is golden client

This is absolutly wrong, dev system is golden client ofcourse not...

MAXE in Copenhagen, Denmark

72 months ago


"When this development is finished and your models are tested enough, then this is your golden master for the next steps"

Golden means finished product.
Often a developed SAP system will have a golden backup right after a release / GoLive.

Most likely to ensure that a outsourced project can be "proved" and restored (on an alternative server) if contractual issues arises.


sap_basis in Germantown, Tennessee

60 months ago

The best place to have a Golden client is in QA where no changes are made. you have a separate client there.

If you use Development the client independent changes will affect it.

if you use Production it defeats the purpose of having a copy of a golden client.

Once you understand this, you will see that a Golden client needs to be in QA and must have changes after they enter into Production come back to it. These changes should of already come to QA but some companies are too care full and want a copy to compare in case something happens to production which is unexplainable.

What is really important is a golden configuration client since code is client independent and can disturb your golden client.

Other philosophies are welcome, but this is what I have seen to work the best so far. The SAP world is always changing and TDMS along with other landscape architecture can be better depending on your needs.

GlennS in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania

45 months ago

A golden Client is used in the development landscape for maintenance of the SAP application configuration parameters for both system and business process objects. Companies use a Golden Client to control changes to configuration parameters that are used in other SAP Client instances across an SAP Enterprise platform. The usage of a Golden Client avoids redundancy in maintaining the same parameters where more than one Master Data Client is being used in development environment, avoid redundancy also avoids inconstancy is the parameter settings; A Golden Client also enhances the transport process enabling migration of configuration parameters to the QA system without the impact of master data used in the development process.

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