Going door to door all summer can be daunting. How can potential summer sales reps better prepare themselves?

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summersales.org in Orem, Utah

106 months ago

There are a lot of things that can help people better prepare to do summer sales. First, of all they should practice being a good listener. This means paying attention to what people say and asking good questions based on what they say. Being a good listener also means paying attention to body language; how people stand, what they do with their hands and their facial expressions. Next, summer sales reps should practice getting outside their comfort zone. This means talking to new, and sometimes strange, people in a variety of situations. Stepping outside their comfort zone like this will help summer sales reps to expand their comfort zone, allowing them to be comfortable in a lot of situations which will make them more capable of thinking on their feet quickly and easily. Finally, they should develop a regular exercise schedule. Exercising regularly will help summer sales reps to have more energy to work long hours. Exercise will also allow help them to feel better so they can stay positive. Summer sales reps who are energetic and positive are much more likely to make sales. These three areas of preparation are only a few of the ways that summer sales reps can be better prepared, but they are a good place to start.

What are some other ways that summer sales reps can prepare themselves to have a successful summer of selling?

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durranch in Ogden, Utah

105 months ago

Do your research and find the facts. There are a variety of websites that provide really good information about summer sales and how to be successful. A few of my favorites are www.SummerSales.org, and www.AlarmSales.org. Both sites provide great information and may be able to assist you in preparing for the summer.

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