Sales Reports? 1099 Employee

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owenlowden in Chatham, Massachusetts

96 months ago

Hey All,

I have worked my entire profesional career as a 1099 sales rep.

I am now working for a insurance company that pays me comissions only.

The require a ton of reports(new for me).

Does anyone know if I am actually "Required" to do these reports. It is my understanding that a company can not require Sales Reports from a non salaried employee.

Let me know what you know.


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MichaelTIM in Tarpon Springs, Florida

91 months ago

According to the IRS Independent Contractor rules, this may be a gray area:

Evaluation System

If an evaluation system measures the details of how the work is performed, then these factors would point to an employee.

If the evaluation system measures just the end result, then this can point to either an independent contractor or an employee.

If your company is requiring "a ton" of forms, then they may be conforming to the first option, which means the IRS would see you as an employee.

Best regards,
Michael Murray

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Rita R in Bellevue, Washington

81 months ago

I think you are posing a very interest question. I would say that it definitely depends on the quantity of forms being presented and where they are asking for end results or not.

Rita R."sales-report

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nobiul in Kolkata, India

59 months ago

pls halp me.iam working TUSHAR EL.RAJARHAT, KOL-135

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Ajusty in Lodi, California

59 months ago

I was wondering if anyone know where do I go for my interview for SAN JOAQUIN GENERAL HOSPITAL?

I am applying for a nurse assistant position for SJGH.

But when I scheduled for my interview with the lady who called me,our conversation was so fast that I forgot to re-verify where the interview will be held at.. I know it's so dumb but I totally forgot to ask her again..I was writing it down but I noticed I was only able to write San Joaquin..and I also heard her say (San Joaquin County...something) not sure if it's San Joaquin county hospital AKA San Joaquin General Hospital..

AH please someone help me

Can someone who applied for this position before..tell me where to go..

My interview is on friday..2nd floor ,go left and I'll see a balcony. According to what the lady told me.

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