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Rick in Naperville, Illinois

Updated 62 months ago

Need help with security - 8 Replies

I've been doing security since 2001 and I working in retail security as a loss prevention officer , I need help getting my 47 armed course and who...

pepe el loco in Hinesville, Georgia

Updated 63 months ago

Security Guard Resume Objective & Skills - 1 Reply

Hi could You please post the best Objective and skills to write in security guard resume. Please Thanks

DIANE in Flushing, New York

Updated 63 months ago

Armed Security Looking for work in Philly - 4 Replies

Hello all im asking anyone that is working in Philly as an armed pa Certified agent please contact me i REALLY need a job bills are killing me im...

Mike in Miami, Florida

What company pays for D license training in South Florida?

I want my G license, what company pays for G license training in South Florida? Basically a company that gets you the license then you have to work...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 64 months ago

How do i get my security guard job back - 1 Reply

hi my name is Shantiequa Woods i live in the Baltimore,MD area. Im tryn to get another job in security. I am a certified security guard. I have my...

673 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 64 months ago

How do I work security for a company directly? - 1 Reply

I am thinking of leaving my security company and working for the client directly as a private contractor doing security work. How do I do this in...

Mr. M in Brooklyn, New York

NYS background check fee??

I have my current, valid security license (expires in 2011) from the nys department of state. And have been working for the same employer for three...

sophia in Brentwood, New York

security jobs

i want to move to virginia how do i acquire a security guard licence in virginia and from were in virgina my daughter isin fairfax so looking some...

regina in Chicago, Illinois



fsghtba in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Updated 66 months ago

can a misdemeanor from another state stop me from gettin a g license in florida - 1 Reply

I have two misdemeanors in pennsylvannia from 1995 and have not been in trouble since,can I still go for a g license in florida?

fsghtba in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Updated 66 months ago

bad credit, lots of past jobs,traffic tickets, can i still be a security guard? - 1 Reply

I have bad credit, have worked many jobs in the past, and have had alot of misdemeanor traffic tickets, but would like to become a security guard and...

Paul in Sandy, Utah

Updated 67 months ago

Must place my CA PPO - 4 Replies

I have a current CA PPO licence but must place it with a company soon. In 1992 I founded, developed and managed a multimillion dollar San Diego...

guardvip in Turda, Romania

Updated 67 months ago

security colaboration - 1 Reply

We are a security company from Romania and we would be interested in obtaining contracts for security/protection and close protection in UAE or in...

Vegasviatexas in Las Vegas, Nevada

Do security guards in Pennsylvania need to be licensed?

If so, which state agency do you go to get a license? Thanks.

Robert in Asheville, North Carolina

Trying To Acquire Guard Certification, Western NC

Can anyone possibly point me towards where I might go to undergo certification training for security work in Western NC/Asheville area?


Updated 69 months ago

Jobs - 3 Replies

Im A retired St. Louis Police Officer currently working for a Casino as a guard I am looking for a Security Guard job in St. Louis Metro Area that...


Updated 69 months ago



ray in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 70 months ago

where should i go for security guard training? - 6 Replies

i wanted to get security guard training near to chester. give some suggestion.

steve ade in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 72 months ago

How do I obtain a Security License in Puerto Rico? - 2 Replies

I'm trying to start a Security Company in Puerto Rico but was told I need a special license there. Can anyone help me out? Thanks

d2davette in Uniondale, New York


Everyone working as a security guard in New York State must have a license. Obtaining the license involves several steps: -complete the NYS...

Randy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Securtiy license in Delaware

I am interested in unarmed security work in Delaware and am wondering how one obtains a securtiy license for the state of Delaware?? Any information...

starwoman67 in Silver Spring, Maryland

Updated 73 months ago

what does a background check uncover - 2 Replies

What does a background check uncover when you apply for a security guard company

Luis in Los Angeles, California

Background Checks

Can anybody recommend a vendor that provides background checks. In CA. a background check can be done thorough the livescan fingerprint system, but...

Security Instructor in Nassau County, New York

Updated 74 months ago


There seem to be alot of scams in NY where people are being charged hundreds of dollars for training courses that they don't need, and being promised...

Indeed Help in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 74 months ago

I moved to NC Durham, NOW, i'M jobless,&looking for a job - 1 Reply

find me something here in Durham NC thanks

Indeed Help in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 76 months ago

looking for a security job in New Mexico - 1 Reply

Hi, I´ve been for 6 years in the German Navy and now I´m doing a retraining as security officer/guard. I also have a high school degree and German BA...


Updated 76 months ago

Armed Security Guard - 1 Reply

I sent out all the requirements for my security liscense but what else do I need for my Armed liscense?

johnson in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania

pinkerton security/ northrop grumman IT coordinators

Hey wonder what pinkerton going to say about northrop grumman problem/ because securitas owns pinkerton now//

jeff in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania

pinkerton security/ northrop grumman IT coordinators

Seems like pinkerton northrop grumman needs come clean with guards lets face it. they got caught doing something they shouldnt.

john in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania

pinkerton security/ northrop grumman IT coordinators

Whats new pinkerton / northrop grumman/ has done this junk behind guards back for last 5 years//

bob in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania

pinkerton security/ northrop grumman IT coordinators

hear guards found about secret reports they cant read/ in chester va and southwest va. sounds like trouble/ for northrop grumman/ pinkerton.

Matthew Boyd in Sanford, Florida

Updated 77 months ago


What if I told you that you can quit your current job, work from home entering simple data online, and then make more money than you ever could -...

shelia anderson in New Port Richey, Florida

Updated 77 months ago

Job wanted - 1 Reply

I have been working for a security company in california and i am now moving to Roseburg OR. I would like to know some companys that are hireing.

M4D in Anacortes, Washington

Updated 77 months ago

Great Book for people in the Body Guard, Security, Police, Military, Executive Protection line of work - 8 Replies

After reading The Gift of Fear and Protecting the Gift by Gavin De Becker, which gave me a great inside look at the line of work I do. This one is...

leon ogiyevich in Phoenix, Arizona


LEON OGIYEVICH P. O. Box 80633 Phoenix, AZ 85060 (602) 579-8164 E-mail: OBJECTIVE Employment as armed...

gabriel garcia in Tarrytown, New York

Updated 78 months ago

Hospital Security - 5 Replies

Come network with other safety professionals at Hospital Security and Police Depts. on the WWW located at

bobby in Daytona Beach, Florida


is there a book just like driver lincense hand book.if so where do i get on

Kyle M. Casey in Chester, Pennsylvania

Updated 79 months ago

where do i go to apply for a security agent license in philadelphia - 1 Reply

i am trying to enter a class

Ken in Long Beach, California

Seeking p/t security work

I'm seeking part time(24hr,wk)armed security work... Mon/Thurs only,0600-1700. So.Los Angeles,Inglewood,Gardena,L.B.,Signal Hill, Paramount,Compton...


Updated 81 months ago

security guard,,paying less hrs then wha t you have worked - 3 Replies

i've worked for a companyfor less theen 3months, but doing this time I've worked my weekly tour but have gotten payed much less then what is due me....

M Peterson

Healthcare Safety and Security

You can find hospital security departments to network with and other links of interest for the healthcare safety and security professional. Hospital...

Sgt. Early in Washington, District of Columbia


folks i've been in the field of security for 17 yrs. from military to contracting, though the money is good as a civilian i found we work closely...

Jerry in Aberdeen, Maryland

Updated 81 months ago

"Observe & Report" Behind the Scenes with Security, in Their Own Words. - 1 Reply

The first security book of it's kind, real life on the job security stories and tales. Great read for anyone thinking about becoming a security...

Maturner07 in North Las Vegas, Nevada

Just Released Security Guard Book

"Observe and Report", Behind the Scenes with Security, in Their Own Words. Has just been released and was warmly received by Security Officers...

akrar in Stockport, United Kingdom

Updated 83 months ago

start up my security guard company - 7 Replies

can someone show me the step or where to go to get help. thank you

Molly in La Junta, Colorado

Need to interview a security guard for my criminal justice course - Could I ask you some questions?

Do you - Operate detecting devices to screen individuals and prevent passage of prohibited articles into restricted areas. Patrol industrial...

u538 in Garland, Texas

Updated 84 months ago

How hard it is to find a job when you have the right licenes. - 1 Reply

Hi I am a security guard for about seven years how and I am not working right now. I have my licens I also have my fire gaurd licens and I have two...


security officer

I recently got my security officer license. Is there anyone from rochester or from any security company such as sos,secutitas, or any other that can...

ibrahim in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico

Updated 86 months ago

Show me the money... - 7 Replies

What are typical security guard salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this...

Tony in Picayune, Mississippi

Looking For Security in MS or LA

Hello I have 2 years criminal justice, and 3 months of security exp. Also I have a high school degree Im looking for a security job in the above area...

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