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Michelle in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 44 months ago

Security Guard Job - 2 Replies

I have NYS Security Guard License but cant find a job. I know there is a lot ads on Craiglist and in newspapers but most of them are for training...

jd595613 in Vacaville, California

can you get a security card in calif with one dui conviction

can you obtain a calif security card with a dui conviction

Imnasty in Cranbury, New Jersey

Updated 44 months ago

California Guard Card - misterminors?? - 3 Replies

What types of misterminors will keep you from getting a California guard card??? I'm in the process of sealing my Juvenal record which has a few...

Greg in Los Angeles, California

Starting out in the security job industry

I know so many people in the security job industry that I've finally decided to try it out. Actually I'm a writer and illustrator but see the...


how to start doing security in the state of texas

I'm currently a security guard in the state of la and was intreasted in working in texas. I received my training on the job through in house but...

Lakervee in Los Angeles, California


Hey, I'm thinking about becoming a security guard soon. The thing i wanted to know is how tall and how much weight is required in order to become a...

Ali in Jersey City, New Jersey

What Security Companies offer benefits in NJ?

Looking for companies that actually offer medical/dental/tuition/etc benefits to their security officers. I'm not concerned much about pay right now....

l33under in Corona, New York

license acquired

hey, everyone. once you get acquired the license, where good place to start look for security jobs? I need tips for new guys... I'm located in...

caruso88 in Forest Hill, Maryland

Security training Maryland

I jut recently get out of the military and I am currently awaiting my handgun licese to become an armed guard for my company where I currently do...

joseph demonica jr in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 50 months ago

How to check status and location of my PERC card - 1 Reply

I have sent in all the information to get my PERC card but it has been two months and i don't know what to do from here to check my status or find...

bradjc72 in Whitehall, Pennsylvania

Updated 50 months ago

armed security - 7 Replies

i have 235 & vests level 3.did armored car work. is anyone hiring in pa

Ed in Bronx, New York

Updated 51 months ago

out of state - 1 Reply

I am trying to get a security license but i live out of state i was told i would need a ny state id. but this seems weird getting another states id...

Ed in Bronx, New York

Updated 51 months ago

can a new york security gaurd license work in texas - 1 Reply

can a new york security gaurd license work in texas

MM in Salinas, California

Would Firefighter experience that was left due to health reasons help or hurt a resumé?

My boyfriend trained to be a forest firefighter and went a total of 2 years down that career path. However, he had a hard time staying hydrated...

Biotechkid in Kingston, Ontario

If I'm a canadian applying for a security guard license, will they be able to discover my arrest/conviction in the US?

I want to apply for a security guard license in Canada. I have no criminal background here but if the registrar does a criminal background check,...

Alexcortez in Everett, Washington

Are You Looking For Security Guard Requirements For Your State? You can Find it Here

If you Looking for information Security Guard Requirements For your State You Can Find it on This Website.

Larry O. in Sacramento, California

Required Destiney to Guard

I,m 6'4", 255lb. High School graduate. I have a military background as shore patrol with the U.S. Coast Guard, a logistics background with the Army...

raheem in Ridgewood, New Jersey

Updated 52 months ago

how to become an armed guard - 5 Replies

I want to become an armed guard how do I go about this here In Newark Newjersey

D.Brown in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Updated 52 months ago

Security License Fee? - 23 Replies

I just gotten my 8 HOUR, 16 HOUR & FIREGUARD PREP certificates with both sets of fingerprints from the Federal and Local and I was going to submit...

Disani_x in Northridge, California

Just Completed my first 8 hours

I have been hearing a lot about companies your hired into providing security training for free. I just completed my certificate for the first 8 hours...

HEY! in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Updated 54 months ago

Starting your uwn security business - 2 Replies

I have several years in the security , corrections and private investigation industry as well as deployments as infantry. I have been in managment...

robert in Lexington, Kentucky

Updated 55 months ago

pinkerton security/ northrop grumman IT coordinators - 37 Replies

HEy / whats going on with pinkerton security area supervisors/ And northrop grumman IT security coordinator in chester va and southwest va/ I...

Big Chris in Chicago, Illinois

Getting an IL tan card with a class a misdemeanor on your record

Is it possible to get a tan card with your employer properly licensed requesting it for you if you have a year and a half old class a misdemeanor on...

Okie in Jersey City, New Jersey

Updated 57 months ago

can a ex felon get their guard card back after 13 years - 1 Reply

I am an ex felon and did my time I have not been in any troable for the past 4 years it seems like no one wants to help I have a wife and 4 children...

AJACKSON2387 in Brooklyn, New York



sjed22 in Clearfield, Utah

Updated 57 months ago

Expunged case - 1 Reply

Approx 10 years ago i was charged with possetion of a controlled substance. After tkaing some classes the case was expunged. The security company...

Mariusz in Staten Island, New York

Updated 58 months ago

NYS Security Guard License - 10 Replies

I'm applying for NYS State License on Monday. I'm sending in all required documents. Does anyone know what is the address where it should be send?...

Security Training in Orange County, California

Updated 58 months ago

san degio calf what are the requirtment for working as a secuity officer - 3 Replies

i would like to know the requirments for working as a security officer in san deigo calf, and what the pay would be, and if my florida license would...

Gene in Spring, Texas

Updated 59 months ago

New to the forum; concerned industry issues for decades - 6 Replies

Hello all! I am new here, I am not sure how to introduce myself but my name is Lisa and I am hoping to meet like-minded folks here on the forum. I...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 59 months ago

NEED A JOB!!!!!!! - 1 Reply

I got my guard card im 21, I got my CPR, FIRST AID, PMT, CUSTOMER SERVICES, all my certifications

fromny in Forest Hills, New York

Updated 59 months ago

Armed Security Patrols in NYC - 1 Reply

Does anyone know of any companies hiring for armed security patrols or armed alarm response?

MarK in Staten Island, New York

Updated 62 months ago

Can you be a Security Guard at 17? - 1 Reply

Hello all, I know this may seem like a stupid question. But I want to ask some people who know the true answer. I'm 17 years old and I'm extremely...

ntrillo in San Diego, California

Updated 62 months ago

armed process server - 4 Replies

million dollar industry where lawyers make a ton of cash and shlepts like myself are struggling because the business is like the mafia you have to...

hameed in San Diego, California

starting a 8/16 hour security training business

Good afternoon. I would like any information on how to initiate a 8/16 hour training class for my business plan,thank you.

Alex in Houston, Texas

Need help.

I am trying to get my lvl three license and my company wont sponsor me. Is there any way around this without getting another job?

Officer T.Trang in Houston, Texas

Security Officer Job Question

Hey Guys, I just pass my interview and attend 2 day of trainning, I was just curious, How many hour does the state of texas or security company...

systematicsecurity in London, United Kingdom

Updated 65 months ago

Security Opertuinities - 1 Reply

You can visit the website and use their services. Job opportunities are there as well

john in Miami, Florida

Questions About the license in NY and NJ

I would like know if its the same license for both states(new york and new jersey) and where i can get that in each one....the cost and...

emina rex in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 65 months ago

Unarmed security guard - 8 Replies

There are so many places for the above, but They never call or email me back. I have just received my guard card. What can I do?

basile.bindoung@*****.*** in Cameroon

Updated 66 months ago

Getting a job in Executive Protection with background issues - 1 Reply

Hello all, I have been looking into a career in executive protection with a high end company for many years now. I am currently working on a...

Shankar baniya chhetri in Nepal

Updated 66 months ago

To be the best... - 15 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every security guard must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your security guard...

Arthur in Succasunna, New Jersey

Updated 66 months ago

Security Guard Lingo - 2 Replies

Hey Guards, I'm a writer in Portland, OR and I want to create a believable character who is a security guard. Is there a list out there (or...

FDSP in El Paso, Texas

Updated 67 months ago

Walmart's Death Of SecurityGuard - 3 Replies

SECURITAS/BURNS is responsible for securing parking area of Walmart. The District Manager and Site Manager, should have been charged with Criminally...

DAMIEN in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 67 months ago

Job wanted in buffalo ny - 8 Replies

I recently moved back home after being in the service and am unable to get a secuirty job anywhere.Have a top secret clearance and guard training.Any...

Eagle Eyes in Washington, District of Columbia

how can i get my first contract

That Why I started my owen company Eagle Eyes security in Washington DC . I was a guard to and police Officer so I have the inside on both .I want...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 70 months ago

Hard working and dedicated person looking for a good job. - 2 Replies

Its hard to find a job when theres not many out there that needs you.

The Tech in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Updated 71 months ago

Info on start up - 1 Reply

I have several years in the security , corrections and private investigation industry as well as deployments as infantry. I have been in managment...

allambsr48 in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 71 months ago


nr@*****.*** in West Hempstead, New York

Updated 72 months ago

Security Oppurtiunities Available in New York..... - 1 Reply

Hey took my 8hour Looking for anyplaces that Will hire before you obtain the 16.Jus so i can start making money right away.Any suggestions or is it...

Dustin in Rochester, New York

Updated 72 months ago

what misdemeanors disqualify you from getting a nys security license - 1 Reply

what misdemeanors disqualify you from getting a nys security license

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