Armed Guard and Unarmed Guard Question

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Jay81 in Lakeland, Florida

21 months ago

I would like to know a few thing about security guard job. For both unarmed and armed. First few question is refer to Armed Guard then Unarmed last.

For any one who is currently doing Armed or previously working as Armed.

1. What do you enjoy most in being an Armed Guard?
2. Were you scared when going in to the Armed Guard post?
3. Have you ever have any doubt or regret of switching to Armed?
4. Have you ever use your Firearms? If so in what situation have you use it on?
5. When you join the security industry and go for armed were you scare for your life at first?
6. What make you chose armed security guard over unarmed security?
7. When you join a company with armed post do they provide you with LIABILITY or do you have to get it for yourself?
8. Explain to me this with some example. When you on duty as armed security post when or how do you know when you are allowed to use your firearm?
9. In what circumstance are you allowed to draw your gun? (Explain and give me example)
10. Have you ever want to switch from Armed Security to Unarmed?
11. What can you invest in to expand your advancement for a better pay? Such as invest in baton, OC, handcuff, CPR, First Aid Certification etc....etc...

For Unarmed Security Guard

1. Is it true only retirement individual stick with Unarmed Guard?
2. Why is there so many Unarmed Guard young and old say Armed Guard is not worth it?
3. Who make this job in to a career and why?
4. How do you get in to inhouse post?
5. What is a better post? Patrolling, Access Control, Warehouse Gate Access Control, or some other.
6. Do you enjoy working as security guard?

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