Interview Preparation

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Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming security guard interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

JB in Westerly, RI

105 months ago

10 deep breaths and hope you get an addmission within 30 min of starting.

JF Security Supervisor

101 months ago

prepare yourself
...Before you get any job,you will have an employment interview.That interview is
probably the most important single step to a job.So to help
along the way,here are some
suggestions-ways you can prepare yourself beforehand for that
decisive step into your future
Know yourself.
Know something about the firm.
Check your Personal Appearance.
Arrive Early.
Go to Interview Alone.
Be Alert During the Interview.
Think Before Answering.
Bring a Fact Sheet.
Be prepared to give,if necessary.
Names and addresses of employers
Dates you Worked.
Names and Addresses of at least
two other people who know your
abilities and background
Names and Addresses of all Schools you have attended
Dates you attended each School.
Dates of Graduation and type of
diploma received.
Don't Argue.
Leave your Troubles at Home.
Seek Advice.
As the interview ends,even though
you feel you may not get the job
be cordial,Seek the employers
advice on other jobs which may
be open in the future.Make a good impression;he or she may call you back in the future.

Trent Miller in Hunlock Creek, Pennsylvania

91 months ago

I agree, but also remember that the average recrutier looks at a resume' for 8 seconds, so be sure to highlight some of your best attributes and experiences in the interview process.

maria in Bombay, India

85 months ago

Host said: Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming security guard interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

pls give me tips about a security guard interview as i have applied for cruise

danb in Surrey, British Columbia

60 months ago

my number one tip

research the companies. find out there history and stuff. what you need. what they do

varies companies specialize





static=you dont want to do

best paying: airport, transit, casinos, or docks. However, smaller companies usually give you alot more hours so you will make more per month

want to move up?

do sec for sixmonths---loss prevention--in house loss prevention--private eye (or sheriff, cop,corrections)

pay up here in canada

10 for sec. never changes

mobile 12 or 13 x 12 hours

13.50 for loss prevention

15 for in house lpo=london drugs , costco etc.

dog handlers 15-18

pi 20-30


interviews are basic

have you taken a sec course, licenced, strenghts and weakness related to the job, any physical injuries, shift work, standing for a long time ?

do your research. You dont want to work do static standing in one spot at the front door of banks or other buildings.

questions to ask them

how many guards, how long , what are the duties if you didnt find them out, how long do you have the much longer...planning on renewing, do you have to pay for uniforms or equipment, pay(dont expect raise just move to the pathways i said), union dues, covered fo libability for injury or death etc, how long are the shifts 12 hours driving is better than 1 hour standing in one spot

Gregory Dearth in Ruther Glen, Virginia

34 months ago

As I have worked both in the military and in property security I have to say that standing is actually an easy gig compared to driving a 12 hour shift. It is not likely that you will be guarding big ben so you dont have to stand rigid. Rather most standing guard jobs encourage you to pace irregularly so you can observe more. Driving can downright suck as a lot of smaller companies will either require you to use your own car (think gas, breaks, suspension) or will have the cheapest s-10 pickups they can lease (think bad seats, possibly no AC or radio). A trip from Virginia to New York city takes 7 hours. Want to do almost twice that every day? Income differences aside, I will always prefer to be on my feet than my bum. You almost certainly will gain weight as a driver whereas you absolutely will burn more calories standing than sitting. A lot of these driving patrols are in neighborhoods so running over multiple speed bumps repeatedly every day results in neck and back pain (worse in a company pickup truck). Standing hurts the feet for about two weeks. Your body will adapt to standing long hours whereas your body will get worn out from driving. Ask any trucker (heck, just LOOK at them).

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