bad credit, lots of past jobs,traffic tickets, can i still be a security guard?

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bdak12 in Las Vegas, Nevada

68 months ago

I have bad credit, have worked many jobs in the past, and have had alot of misdemeanor traffic tickets, but would like to become a security guard and was wondering what is looked at in the initial background check and if someone with my background would still be able to get a security guard job with the right classes.

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fsghtba in Saint Paul, Minnesota

61 months ago

Dear bdak12:

I have worked as an armed and unarmed security guard and armored car crew member for five years.

I have been out of work for over a year now due to some very tough circumstances I shall not go into. I to will be looking at that market in about two weeks again.

It could be helpful to compare notes as we job hunt.

In answer to your question, the challenges you presented were not nearly so much of a problem in this business, in the past.
However, do to many more qualified candidates in this market they could be.

If it involves cash or valuables you may have access to, then you could be in tough spot with the credit.

Job history also becomes a factor but, some hiring folks also understand there is certain mobility out there now often forced by lay off and so on.

Most security companies in most states want a clean criminal record, this is for bonding and insurance as well as due diligenge laws. You may not be technically disqualified but from a practical stand point, in a hard spot.

Take those classes if you can and let some time pass. You may be able to get something that does not involve driving, Good luck.

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