Are social services director job opportunities growing or declining?

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Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing?

Where are the jobs? Which places have the most social services director opportunities?

Ananya in New York, New York

79 months ago

nikkisue in Phoenix, Arizona said: They are growing. Matter of fact I need one for a long term care facility in Kansas City, MS...Know of anyone

Did you mean Kansas City, Missouri? or Mississippi?

nikkisue in Phoenix, Arizona

79 months ago

Ananya in New York, New York said: Did you mean Kansas City, Missouri? or Mississippi?

LOL...I guess I best correct that...Kansas City, MO...

Ananya in New York, New York

79 months ago

That is funny--

Is the position still open? I'm from Kansas City, and wouold be very interested in the information.--

I'm currently a Program Director for a not for profit in NYC.

Ananya in New York, New York

79 months ago

BTW--I do know how to spell would--LOL

lcky4u in Arlington Heights, Illinois

79 months ago

Social service director jobs are always in demand in Illinois, for example, because a nursing home is required to have one. Some positions require licenses or advanced degrees. Otherwise, a B.A, + some experience is o.k. Some nursing facilities hire nursing home consultants to work with the directors.

Andrew J Mclemore Sr in Glendale, Arizona

79 months ago

Please contact me at home or by e-mail. Thank you, Andrew. . .

alimur222 in San Francisco, California

73 months ago

Know of any Social Service Director jobs in Long term care facilities in either N. California or Arizona.

69 months ago

Due to the decline in the current economy many nursing homes are no longer hiring
Social Services Designees (Social Services Directors) they are taking advantage
Of the unemployment crisis and hiring LMSW’s for half the usual salary they should be making. People are desperate for work especially new grad’s with a Social worker License. Therefore, the Certifies Soc.Ser, Des, is slowly being phased out, why pay $18.00 per hour for and SSD when you can have a licensed social worker for just a little bit more! In Ca. Nursing homes are even asking for a degree to be and Activity Director!
Until the recession passes certification dose not cut it anymore! Even with my current position the salaries have dropped dramatically. More responsibly for less pay, long-term care facilities should be ashamed of their self’s!


56 months ago

Not in my state! SNF,s under 99 beds love SSD's for all the reason you mentioned! Why pay a LCSW up to 60k, when a experiened ACSW/SSD EARNS up to 35K. you are considering the SNF's WITH OVER 99 BEDS, they have to have a LCSW, but most get around that by hiring a LCSW on a independent contractor basis, and use them as a consultant. I currently work in a 180 bed SNF,there are two of us (acsw and ssd)I have only seen our LCSW three times a year! When state comes, we just hand over her (our LCSW) license, and employment information and that is that! So no I do agree that SSD'S are being phased out of SNF's, and I do not know one LCSW who would work for less the 50k a year! And I do not know of any SNF WHO WOULD PAY IT! SNF'S know how to cut corners, and keep the costs down. SSD's and ACSW's are here to stay! At least in a SNF SETTING. A LCSW has to many other options then just skilled nursing facilities!

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