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Current Discussions (363) - Start a Discussion in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 30 months ago

Reciprocity For Florida LCSW - 2 Replies

Anyone have any info as to which states have reciprocity w FL LCSW ?Thanks all

priscler in Yuma, Arizona

Updated 30 months ago

advice needed - 2 Replies

I work for CPS and I ended up having to call in a report on the home where my sister is renting a room, due to the living conditions and my sister's...

priscler in Yuma, Arizona

Updated 30 months ago

call to suicide hotline just to talk Prevents employment - 27 Replies

a newly graduated social worker (sw undergraduate) was recently grieving a death of a loved one who died earlier that morning. The new sw graduate...

tripplesix in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 30 months ago

help!!! - 5 Replies

So, I am a 3 semesters away from getting my degree in sociology with a minor in gerontology, and I want to go into social work. I wanted to major in...

tripplesix in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 30 months ago

Social Workers: What's it like to get 3000 supervised hours for LCSW and Spanish... - 3 Replies

Quick background: I'm 30 (and very realistic on job availability and pay:D), married, 2 kids. I really hope this doesn't sound too dumb, but...

PCL in El Centro, California

Updated 30 months ago

Going back to work in an area I don't like - 2 Replies

Hi everyone...I have a question and I was wondering if anyone could offer some insight... I've been unemployed for several months (I was...

Creole Soul in Springfield, Massachusetts

Updated 31 months ago

Career as a Social Worker - 7 Replies

Is any one on here a Social Worker that works with special needs kids (Autism)? Im really interesting in pursing this as a career. How is the pay,...

ambarish.m in Bangalore, India

Updated 31 months ago

Finding a job in Uk or in underdeveloped countries. - 3 Replies

I try to find a job like social worker in Uk but because Romania is the last country who entered in EU we don't have the right to work there only if...

Lem in Greensboro, North Carolina

Updated 31 months ago

Wanting to Move with MSW to More Diverse Area - 28 Replies

I live in a conservative small city in the South. Here, I've done rural social work with children and families, including probation and foster care...

cheap JER JERSEYS in Anonymous Proxy

Updated 31 months ago

BBS in California Time Frame - 3 Replies

I know the BBS in California is saying that it should take 4 months to get your application processed. I'm concerned that it will take even longer....

zolo2 in Seattle, Washington

Updated 31 months ago

Social Worker - 9 Replies

I have been a social worker/counselor for many years. Several months ago I needed to leave my job for family reasons. When things settled down I...

butterflyforever in Portland, Oregon

Updated 31 months ago

Graduating with a MSW in macro practice - 1 Reply

I am about to graduate with my MSW in May and concentrated in policy practice. I'm 25 and have never stopping going to school full time, I feel as...

Tracey in Centerline in Warren, Michigan

Updated 31 months ago

Trying to find a job - West Michigan - 21 Replies

I graduated with a bachelors in Social Work in 2003 from an accredited university. I applied for TONS of jobs but never got a call back at all. ...

Manny in Adelaide, Australia

Updated 32 months ago

Australian MSW in USA? - 2 Replies

Hi All, I was wondering whether anyone could give me any information about working in the US with an Australian MSW? I have worked in the women's...

maheshsocialwork in Hyderabad, India

fund raising

i am interested to work in the area of fund raising, basically i am a social worker, so pl suggest me, how to build strong capacities in fund raising

sparrow in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 33 months ago

Any social workers who can afford to travel out of the country once a year? - 1 Reply

I am worried about not being able to do nice things for myself due to how much social workers make. Is it possible to go out of the country on a trip...

mumbai_social worker in Mumbai, India

An Indian Citizen with a MSW degree interested in taking up a job in US

Hi Forum, I am an Indian Citizen with an MSW degree from a Premier Indian University, I am interedted in taking up a job in the USA, Can someone help...

Sheila in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 33 months ago

Working in the UK - 1 Reply

Hello, I received my BSW in the US and have worked for non profits and child protection. I am looking at working in the UK; however I would need...

sandy in Biarritz, France

aide medico psychologique

hi all , my name is sandy i worked in the uk for the nhs I worked with mentaly and physicaly disabled adults and teenagers, helping them to have a...

onesw in Vancouver, British Columbia

Updated 33 months ago

Undergrad college student: What jobs are good for me? - 2 Replies

I am a sophomore and right now a psych major. I want to get a BA in psych however i do not want to become a psychologist because people say...

sparrow in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 33 months ago

Social Work in Australia? - 8 Replies

Hi All, The Northern Territory Government of Australia has partnered with HCL Social Care and will be coming to Canada to interview candidates for...

Faith84 in Michigan

Updated 33 months ago

How to get started in the field of addiction treatment?? - 1 Reply

I have a BA in Communications and I'm really interested in becoming a councilor/ psychologist with a specialty in drug and alcohol addiction and...

Diego in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 33 months ago

Sw - 1 Reply

Hi I've been a sw in the uk for 10 years and a manager in the children looked after field for the past 5 I am thinking of emigrating to US but all...

darnell239 in Columbia, South Carolina

Updated 33 months ago

opinions regarding a post MSW graduate certificate - 2 Replies

I would like to hear some opinions about working on a graduate certificate. I am a MSW graduated in 2002 but never held an "actual social work job."...

mr.c in Yonkers, New York

Updated 33 months ago

Social Worker MSW - 1 Reply

I recently graduated with my Master of Social Work but I am finding it difficult to find a job. If anyone has advice or ideas for job opportunities,...

onesw in Vancouver, British Columbia

What do you like/love about being a social worker?

There are so many SW discussion threads online that contain negative messages about the profession. Thought it might be a good idea for those of us...

CdnSocialWorker in Vancouver, British Columbia

Question for US Social Workers re: Job Security

Hi all, I graduated with a BSW a few years ago, worked at a local hospital for some time, and then went back to school for a MSW. I now work in... in Abingdon, United Kingdom

Updated 34 months ago

Interview Preparation - 9 Replies

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming social worker interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

Kimberly in Far Rockaway, New York

Updated 34 months ago

Do hospital social workers have to make home visits? - 1 Reply

I am considering going to school to pursue an MSW but I am having serious anxiety regarding my decision. I know that regardless if you are a teacher,...

Jax in New York, New York

Updated 34 months ago

LCSW licensure in multiple states - 2 Replies

can you hold an LCSW in NY AND in FL at the same time? in Calcutta, India

Updated 35 months ago

social work in Cape Town/Gauteng - 5 Replies

Hi there, I am a qualified social worker and is currently looking for work in South Africa, either Cape Town or Gauteng, Pretoria if...

John in Lynbrook, New York


I have two dwai convictions, both are infractions. One was 22 years ago, and the other was 7 years ago. I'm having a difficult time finding a...

Mary in Peoria, Arizona

Updated 35 months ago

MSW private practice in Colorado - 2 Replies

I know that in Colorado you can open your own private practice without LCSW. I also noticed that people with some strange degrees open pracices...

Ash in Roselle, New Jersey

Updated 35 months ago

MSW programs in NJ/NY Area - 1 Reply

Hi, I have my BA in psychology and I am lookin into a MSW (clinical Track) program in the NY/NJ that offers a weekend program. Does anyone which...

Shireen in Cape Town, South Africa

Working as a social worker in Australia or New Zealand

Good afternoon colleagues. I am a social worker who is currently contemplating relocating to Australia or New Zealand. I am currently in the...

richardzhartley in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Updated 36 months ago

What to expect from MSW Program.... - 1 Reply

I start Rutgers MSW program next month. I am nervous and anxious > I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or comments about their experiences...

Dian in Lakebay, Washington

Updated 36 months ago

Medical Social Workers...hard to find? - 5 Replies

I'm actually not in a position where I'm trying to find a job. I'm currently working as a medical social worker. Our department currently has a...

ehustleonlinedotcom in Stafford, Virginia

Updated 36 months ago

BSE to MSW - 3 Replies

My Bachelor of Science degree is in Education (Early Childhood). Unfortunately, I just didn't "feel it" while in the classroom not to mention the...

moorev77 in Prescott, Arizona

Updated 36 months ago

Social Worker or Occupational Therapist - 4 Replies

I am really torn between these 2 careers, I can picture myself doing both but I think social work would make me more happy, my only concern is the...

Monica in Renton, Washington

Job Satisfaction as a Social Worker?

I'm debating whether or not to start a career as a social worker. I currently have a B.A. in Psychology and not sure what career to pursue. One...

socialwkr in Missouri

Updated 37 months ago

If I get an MSW in clinical social work, can I still become a regular child social worker? - 1 Reply

can i be both a clinical child therapist and a social worker?

footballfan90 in Seattle, Washington

MSW: Future Career in Veteran's Affairs

I am applying for MSW programs this fall, and am looking for programs that would offer excellent curriculum and practicum experiences that would...

socialwkr in Missouri

Updated 37 months ago

What topics do Social Workers cover, and what topics can a LCSW advise on? Difference between the two? - 5 Replies

What's the difference between a regular MSW, social worker and a LCSW? I know that the LCSW requires an additional 2 years of clinical practice, but...

Zahrah in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 37 months ago

MSW student working in the UK or Canada - 1 Reply

Hello, I recently graduated from Virginia Commonwealth Univ. with my BSW and have now begun an ASP MSW program at the University of Illinois at...

lebomaphoto in Midrand, South Africa

want to know if possible to sturdy SW with S matric certificate at University with computer literate certificate from college.

Am 25yrs now so i want to sturdy SW from next years.Please give me advice to reach my dream job.

Al in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

Social Work Job in Africa

I am a graduate with MSW, and M.ED . Social work job in Africa. I am looking for a Social Work Job in Africa. Can someone help as to what I need to...

Ambivalent in Seattle in Seattle, Washington

Updated 38 months ago

Best type of Social Work - 6 Replies

I'm currently in school for Social Work and I was just wondering what types of Social Work I could go into. I'm just curious trying to decide exactly...

Marianne in Freeport, New York

Need help studying for LMS

Looking for a study partner, I've taken the exam 4 times already! I can't find a job to save my life. Anybody have any suggestions?????????????????...

Celeste in Little Rock, Arkansas

Updated 38 months ago

How to get MSW paid for?? - 4 Replies

Hi! I am currently in school studying psychology for my undergrad degree. I am set on getting my MSW (not sure where yet)... but, I wanted to know...

sighing in Southern, New Jersey

Updated 38 months ago

Finding a school social work job - 1 Reply

I am entering an MSW program at the University of Washington in the fall. Ultimately, I'd like to be an elementary or middle school social worker. ...

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