Geriatric Social Workers Out There !??!

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Nikkiiiiiiiii in Warwick, New York

53 months ago

Hello I'm 22 and sooo frustrated what career I want I know I love the geriatric population because I used to work in a nursing home. I used to love to talk to the elderly and hear there stories.

- How much do you make either in a nursing home or hospice care? hourly & yearly?
- What does your typical day consist of? What types of things are you doing with the elderly?
- Pros/Cons of job?

I feel I'm a really caring person and want to help. However, I also want a family some day that I can support. I know everyone says "social work is not a career if you want $$" but I was looking on the internet and found that geriatric social workers get paid around 40,000-50,000 so I don't know why people say that, to me that salary doesn't sound so bad? Not trying to sound selfish but I do have dreams of having a family, go on vacations and maybe even work part time If I can find a spot that pays decent. But I do love the elderly. I know nursing isn't the field for me either/can't draw blood.

Any advice/Opinions for this career?
-Thank you :)

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Hall in Atlanta, Georgia

53 months ago

Hello! Would it be ok to take your career plans and upgrade them to the next level?My Lifevantage team need you to first watch 12mins of
If you can see how this could help people or have some questions contact me at

This opportnity may not be for you. Just know we will be helping every household in 2 to three years.Relocation is not required.

Successful people considers all options!

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