Jobs in Social Work that pay well

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Toby in Toronto, Ontario

106 months ago

I am starting a Master's program but am a bit concerned about wages after I graduate. I would like to do the clinical/mental health track but am just wondering about what I can expect as far as future wages. Are there any really well paying jobs out there, particularly on the East/West Coast. Or should I instead focus on medical social work as it seems maybe that pays a little better. I have found a few jobs that pay extremely well, like one applied behavioural analysis position in NYC that paid 85/hr and a few gov't jobs in California that seem to pay very high like (80,000/yr) but often I find jobs that pay in the 30,000s. I really don't want to be making that kind of money, especially with the student loans that I have to pay back.

I mean, I don't mind waiting a few years to be making good money. I don't expect to come straight out of a MSW program and make that type of money. But I think after 5 yrs experience, I'd hope there might be opportunities out there. Any suggestions on what path I should take if I want to do social work AND have some money?

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evanz777lamb@*****.*** in Spring Valley, New York

93 months ago

I just received my Masters in social work from a prestigious university here in New York. I took the client-centered track, which is a combination of clinical and administrative. Currently, I am employed in the mental health field. However, since earning my degree; I am seeking a higher paying position. You are absolutely correct, government jobs seem to offer better salaries; however, it really depends on you. It depends on how you market yourself, and you have to know what areas you are the most competent. I do feel you on the student loans because I am right there with you. Nonetheless, get all the experience under your belt that you can. Make sure you attend trainings and workshops that help your resume stand out.

There are good social work opportunities out there. We are in high demand. You may have to relocate to get one of them, but it will be worth it if you land that job with the salary you desire.

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