Looking at other careers I can utilitze my MSW

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Stella in Oak Forest, Illinois

40 months ago

I have been in social work for almost 5 years and I HATE IT! I have done case management in housing, child welfare and now working with senior citizens and I am burned out! I am making less than a McDonald's Manager and I have a MSW! I cannot be in this field another 5 yrs, it is starting to affect my health! I tried to Google topic on what other career options for those with MSW and the only topics online seem to be about how go get in social work. I want to know what other fields I can go into with the MSW other than social work?

mr.c in Yonkers, New York

40 months ago

become a school administrator.

tripplesix in Washington, District of Columbia

37 months ago

If you have found the answer, please come back on here and let me know. Sometimes one wrong turn in social work can totally ruin the field for you. You can try to go the administrative or macro route (but still w/in social work, since that is what your experience is in).

FaithAlways84 in Detroit, Michigan

34 months ago

Me too Stella I have had it. I try and take it day by day. I also find that you have to find whats a good fit for your personality. I'm very good at writing, organizing, being detail oriented. I'm good at helping people too but I dont like helping them with their problems, its just too much for me.

Try a career counselor...I'm on the waiting list, but I am anxious about what to do. This suggestion came from my counselor through my job (those EAP benefits). Like tripplesix said, maybe you could do some administration, more behind the scenes work.

futuregradstudent in Farmington, Michigan

34 months ago

Definitely try to find macro positions in social work (community organizing, management, or policy practice). There are plenty of nonprofits and government agencies who would like to utilize your skills and experience. If you desire a supervisory role, state that in your cover letter.

Personally, I decided to return to graduate school and earn a second master's degree in education. It guarantees a job that I can work 20 hours per week through this economy, and I can actually gain more experience in my desired background (colleges and universities). I have a MSW, but I realized I had expand my employment options since I never specialized in clinical social work. I already have over five years of experience working in student services so I'm hoping this second degree will pay off.

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