MSW graduate - Seeking a job that provides livable income

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MSW Graduate in Leesburg, Georgia

21 months ago

Greetings all,

I am a MSW graduate, and have worked in the field making around $30,000. I found it very difficult to survive on that income. My basic needs were denied, simply because I could not afford them.

Does anyone have any suggestions on fields of Social Work that pay $50,000 - $60,000.

I am considering returning to school to pusue a PhD in the education field, which can allow me to use my skills set, and earn an income to meet my needs.

Does anyone know of any school debt forgiveness program which involve working for specified period of time in exchange for debt forgiveness?

I am even considering producing music part-time to help supplement my income. I am a rookie, but want to improve my ability in producing music, so that I can sell instrumental tracks. Are there cost effective ways to learn how to produce music?

I am gathering information first before making a decision. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you.

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thompson in Thunder Bay, Ontario

19 months ago

I just got my BSW, and I sort of new at the beginning that jobs would not be plentiful. I was planning on getting my MSW, but I am putting on the brakes and thinking about getting a the Registered practical nurse, which is the same as an LPN in the USA. I find no use of getting an MSW in this environment of cut backs. The government is only going to keep front line works, why? How else will it pay for all the boomers that will need health care. Besides child welfare and drug treatment centres, social work could disapear. Nursing is front line like police and fire. To go for a MSW and just end up in Child Welfare would be academic suicide. Think before you start a social work degree. Its a disguised psychology degree, good for coffee talk.

What do you think, BSW/LPN or just an MSW??????????????? it makes no sense to go forward in a deadend area with little jobs to bounce around on and little choices.

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